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Paint My Love

Paint My Love

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Paint My Love

- Angel Poems
1) Alynna
2) Alyssa
3) Angels Are Quite Ample Cause to Cry
4) Angels Have No ID Bracelets on Them
5) Could There Be Angels Waiting in the Wings
6) Each Angel Has a Voice Its Own
7) Even Angels Feel the Pangs of Love
8) Angel's Wings
9) Let the Angels Sing
10) Perhaps an Angel Told You Once of Love
11) Guardian Angel

- Anniversary Love Poems
1) Happy Anniversary
2) How Wonderful to Have You in My Life
3) I Miss You on Our Anniversary
4) First Year of Marriage
5) Troubles That You've Gone Through
6) Thank You for Being the Love of My Life
7) Every Sky's a Brand New Sky
8) Fifty Years Is Really Not Enough
9) First Anniversaries Replay the Tune

- Birthday Love Poems
1) Candles Are a Gift of Light
2) For You, My Love, the Happiest of Birthdays
3) Happy Birthday, Darling
4) "Happy Birthday" Means Much More
5) Happy Birthday to a Special Friendh
6) Happy Birthday to My Dearest Man
7) Happy Birthday to My Love
9) Make This Time of Telling Special

- Breaking Up Poems
1) After You're Gone
2) My Heart Lay Bleeding
3) Love Was Not Enough for Us
4) Night Comes for Me
5) Our Love's a Place Where I No Longer Live

- Calendar Poems
1) January
2) February
3) March
4) April
5) May
6) June
7) July
8) August
9) September
10) October
11) November
12) December

- Declaring Love Poems
1) Be Gentle with My Heart
2) Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Face
3) My Feelings Are So Strong
4) I Know Well I Have No Right to Love You
5) I Want to Make Your Heart Beat Just for Me
6) Shy to Tell You that I Love You
7) I've Dreamed of Loving You
8) I Love You
9) Grow Together Slowly
10) First Time I Have Ever Loved

- Engagement Poems
1) Engagement Is the Time Between
2) Engagements Are by Nature Temporary
3) Obligations Open Many Doors
4) Occasions Such as These Acquire Meaning
5) Of Love and Fortune, Happiness and Choosing
6) Let the Angels Sing
7) Only in the Prison of Perfection
8) Open Doors and Windows, Books and Flowers

- Falling In Love Poems
1) A Teenage Girl's First Crush
2) I Don't Expect You Soon to Love Me
3) I Do Not Know You Well, But What I Know
4) It's Amazing How I Feel When I'm Around You
5) My mood is like a cloudy noon
6) Your Eyes Won't Let My Thoughts Go Back to Sleep

- Friendship Poems
1) Farewell, my friend and confidante
2) Life Passes like a Dream
3) Friends in High School
4) I Do Not See You Often with My Eyes
5) What Happened to Us
6) I Must Have Hurt You, Caused You Pain
7) I Love You as My Closest, Dearest Friend
8) I Love You, but I'm Not in Love with You
9) I Pray for You and Wish I Could Do More

- Love Poems
1) Until We Met I Didn't Know
2) Someone
3) Our Days
4) Faith
5) Just–
6) Promise?
7) Star light, star bright
8) Love
9) True Love

- Proposal Poems
1) Freedom Must Be Bound
2) What I Want to Ask of You Is this

- Valentine's Day Love Poems
1) A Valentine Is Nothing Like
2) Valentine's Day
3) Be My Valentine, for I
4) Happy Valentine, My Love
5) I Wish You Were My Valentine
6) A Rose

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