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Norstedts italienska quiz

Norstedts italienska quiz

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Would you like to test your Italian and enlarge your vocabulary? If so, this quiz is precisely what you need.

Norstedts Italian Quiz consists of two parts, one part from Italian to Swedish, and the other from Swedish to Italian. When you are training, a word is randomly selected, for instance “giltig” (in the Swedish-Italian part), and you can then choose between the alternatives given for the word in question, here “medioevale”, “infossato”, “difettoso”, “logico” and “valido”. It is not always the case that the translation you might first think of is included as an option. For “prata” you might not necessarily find “parlare”, for example, but “chiacchierare” instead. It’s a question of choosing the alternative that fits best.

You find out immediately if it’s right or wrong, and if it’s wrong, the right answer is given. There are two ways of doing the quiz. You can either answer as many questions as you like, without a time limit, or you can see how many right answers you can score in a limited time. In both cases, any words that were answered incorrectly are saved in a statistics file.

You can combine business with pleasure - by expanding your vocabulary with Norstedts Italian Quiz!

What's new

- Fixed the bug that caused the app to crash after you bought the extended quiz.


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