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Course For Compressor 3.5

Course For Compressor 3.5

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Over 4-hours of Compressor 3.5 tutorial-videos. Watch the HD version of this tutorial at:

Video Compression Guru Francesco Schiavon shows you Compressor 3.5.

This 4.5-hour tutorial starts with a solid overview of the video compression workflow in Compressor 3.5. Francesco eases you into the video encoding process by showing you how to us Compressor's built-in presets to make simple compression jobs and batches.

Next, you'll move on to see how Compressor 3.5 interacts with all the other Final Cut Studio applications to create perfectly outputted files.

In Chapter 2, you'll go deeper into Compressor as you begin exploring the process of making your own compression settings. You'll learn how to set frame rates that are appropriate for your delivery method, how to work with aspect ratio, and even some advanced topics like understanding frame rate conversion.

You'll also explore adding filters to your jobs to create effects in your video, from creative effects (like applying audio and video fades) to important extras like adding a watermark or text / timecode overlay to your encoded video. There's even a section on adding actions to a job, such as an email notification of job completion or running an AppleScript after the job finishes.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire show. Use the Keyword Search functions and detailed menus to quickly find topics of interest …that's the essence of NonLinear Educating!

Table of Contents

1 Intro to Core Compressor
2 Introduction to Compressor Part 1
3 Introduction to Compressor Part 2
4 The Compressor Workflows
5 Understanding the Compressor Terminology
6 The Settings Window
7 Reviewing the Collection of Settings
8 Applying Settings
9 Adding Jobs to a Batch
10 Arrange Window Layouts
11 Managing Layouts
12 Intro to Destinations
13 Setting Up Destinations
14 Creating Local Custom Destinations
15 Creating Custom FTP Destinations
16 Creating Custom iDisk Destinations
17 Editing Custom Destinations
18 Where Do Default File Names Come From?
19 A Note on File Names
20 A Note on Web Reference File Names
21 Intro to the History Window
22 Resubmitting Old Batches from the History
23 Intro to the Batch Monitor
24 Getting Deeper into the Batch Monitor
25 Saving Batches for Later Use
26 Sending a FCP Sequence to Compressor
27 Setting Batches from within FCP
28 Sharing a Batch from FCP to Compressor
29 Setting Chapter Markers in FCP for Compressor
30 Setting Batches from within Motion
31 Exporting from Soundtrack using Compressor Settings
32 Importing Chapter Markers from a Text File
33 Creating Chapter Markers within Compressor
34 Understanding Settings Instances
35 Intro to the Settings Inspector
36 Intro to the Summary and Encoder Tab
37 Cropping in the Geometry Tab
38 Previewing Crop
39 Cropping Multiple Jobs
40 Previewing Aspect Ratio
41 Working with Dimensions and Pixel Aspect Ratios
42 Using the “Up To” Dimension Settings
43 Using the “Up To” Dimension Settings with a 4x3 Source
44 Forcing Custom Dimensions
45 Setting Fixed Dimensions with Pixel Specific Aspect Ratios
46 Padding When Changing Dimensions
47 Automatic Frame Controls
48 Frame Controls Off and Intro to Reverse Telecine
49 Explaining Telecine
50 Controlling How Resizing is Calculated
51 Anti-Alias and Details Level Controls
52 Setting Deinterlacing Options
53 Comparing Deinterlacing Results
54 How to Set Frame Rate Conversion
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