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More Fun With Directions

More Fun With Directions

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If you liked our “Fun with Directions” app, you’ll also love More Fun with Directions too! This iPHONE app continues with the same playful, colorful and engaging format with a focus on 12 concepts: turn on/turn off; up/down, front/behind, on/under, put in/take out, above/below.

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Help the monkey go up the tree, but watch out! He likes to throw those coconuts! Pop the bubble that is above the bird. Put the elephant under the larger table. Help the squirrel go down the tree. Turn off the red radio.

More Fun with Directions is designed to provide a fun and engaging way to practice listening, following directions, colors, comparatives (larger/smaller) spatial concepts, auditory memory and auditory processing. From the simplest of directions (“Turn on the lamp”) to the more complex (“Do you see a musical instrument with black and white keys? Put it behind the couch”) your child can grow and learn with this game over time. Colorful, vivid art and animations against a white background combine to create a complete game experience without visual clutter. Sound effects and surprises keep the game engaging! This app is a great choice for a toddler/preschooler, or any young child who would like to practice listening to or reading directions!

Features include settings for text on/off, (to practice reading vs. listening) selecting specific concepts, and the desired level of play: easy, intermediate, and advanced.

An added bonus that is included in this app is the optional “Superstar Direction” which allows additional practice for remembering (“What did you have to do?”) but also expressive language. The child’s response is recorded and played back. Superstar Directions are surprise questions that pop up at random times, but can easily be turned off if desired.

Hamaguchi Apps is dedicated to the mission of bringing high-quality apps to the general public and professionals for affordable prices.

PRIVACY POLICY: We do NOT collect personal data from our users and have no ads. Personal data regarding user performance on the tasks on this app are self-contained and not transmitted in any way. There are no in-app purchases in this app. There is a link to our other apps in the iTunes store, which can be viewed if desired with an internet connection.

Developed by Patti Hamaguchi, M.A., CCC-SLP, a noted speech-language pathologist and author of Childhood Speech, Language & Listening Problems: What Every Parent Should Know, as well as books on the treatment of auditory processing disorders.

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Updates for iOS7 and Parental gate.


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