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Meta Calculator

Meta Calculator

iOS Universal Education

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A multipurpose calculator for graphing equations, performing scientific calculations, analyzing statistics and for working with matrices

The Graphing Calculator
-graphs 5 equations
-calculates intersections
-axes in terms of PI
-shows table of values
-saves picture of graph to device
-degrees vs radians
-zooms via swipe

- NOTE: right now, the app only supports explicit equations in the form y = f(x) with rectangular coordinates. Over the next few months, we will be adding support for polar coordinates and for implicit equations, but we're not there yet for these two features. (This means you can graph any kind of line, trig functions like y = 3sin(2x) + 1 , exponential functions and anything else that can be written as y = f(x) . )

The Scientific Calculator
-all of the common functions like log, sin, cos, square root, sinh, nPr , nCr, lcm.
-store calculations in memory
-a linear equations solver.

The Matrix Calculator
-adds and subtracts matrices/vectors
-multiply and transpose matrices/vectors
-finds the determinant
-calculates the inverse of a matrix
- matrix size can be up to 5 x 5

The Statistics Calculator
- calculates mean, mode , sum, quartiles
-standard deviation
-calculates regressions(linear, quadratic, cubic, exponential, power, logarithmic, natural logarithmic)
--graphs regression equations
-calculates 1 and 2 sample student T-tests (paired and unpaired).
-data can be entered as 'raw data', 'grouped data' or 'frequency distribution'

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What's New

"M+" now saves expressions with "e" correctly.
Matrix size now updates properly on pasting of result matrix to it.

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