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We're sorry, "TouchStudy" has been removed from the App Store.

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๐Ÿ”ทTouch Studyใฏใ€ๆ—ขๅญ˜ใฎๆ•™่‚ฒใซๆŒ‘ๆˆฆใ—ใฆใ€ใ‚นใƒˆใƒฌใ‚นใง็ถดใ‚‰ใ‚ŒใŸๆ•™่‚ฒ็’ฐๅขƒใ‚’ๅค‰ใˆใ‚‹ใ“ใจใŒใงใใ‚‹ใจไฟกใ˜ใฆใ„ใพใ™ใ€‚

ใ‚‚ใ†ๆš—่จ˜ใฎใŸใ‚ใซๅบๅˆ—ใŒ้ฎใ‚‰ใ‚Œใ‚‹ๆ•™่‚ฒใฏใ€ๆถˆใˆใ‚‹ใจๅ ‚ใ€…ใจ่จ€ใ†ใ“ใจใŒใงใใพใ™ใ€‚
็งใŸใกใŒใ“ใ‚Œใ‹ใ‚‰ใใ‚Œใ‚’่งฃๆฑบใ—ใฆใ„ใใ‚‚ใฎใ ใ‹ใ‚‰ใงใ™ใ€‚

ๆ—ขๅญ˜ใฎๆ•™่‚ฒใ‚’ๅ†ใณๅ…ƒใซๆˆปใ™็งใŸใกใฎๆ–นๆณ•ใฏใ€่ชฐใ‚‚ใŒ็Ÿฅ่ญ˜ใ‚’่‡ชๅˆ†ใฎใ‚‚ใฎใซใ™ใ‚‹ใƒ—ใƒญใ‚ปใ‚นใ‚’็ฐก็ด ๅŒ–ใ•ใ›ใ‚‹ใ“ใจใงใ™ใ€‚

Touch Studyใฏใ€ใ‚ทใƒณใƒ—ใƒซใงใ‚ใ‚ŠใชใŒใ‚‰้ฉๆ–ฐ็š„ใชใ‚ขใƒซใ‚ดใƒชใ‚บใƒ ใ‚’้–‹็™บใ—ใพใ—ใŸใ€‚


๐ŸŽ“ใ‚นใƒžใƒผใƒˆใƒฉใƒผใƒ‹ใƒณใ‚ฐใฏใ€ใ‚ฟใƒƒใƒใ‚นใ‚ฟใƒ‡ใ‚ฃใŒ่ฒฌไปปใ‚’่ฒ ใ„ใพใ™ใ€‚



Study flashcards by method of Ebbinhaus

Study materials can be downloaded from Quizlet for free.
Users can create their own study plan and materials according to their own needs by using images and videos on your iPhone and iPad.

TouchStudy offers a new innovative way of helping the user not only memorize vocabulary words but understand how to use them in daily life.

AutoInterval mode + Ebbinhaus curve optimize your study.

With the touch of your finger swipe to the left when you don't know the word and swipe to the right when you recognize the word.

You can create your own personalized study contents from online dictionaries. Such as Google, Yahoo, Naver and any other online resources that you can register.

-How to use webstudy-

1. Register the searching engine that you want to use.

2. Start "WebStudy" in TouchStudy.

3. Select and copy the word which you want to search by webdict that you have already registered.

4. Copy the definition of the word which should be in the search results. Then the word and its definition will be added to your study content in TouchStudy.

-How to register an online dictionary to Webdict

First open up safari and search for your desired searching engine.

2. In the search window type the word "apple" in the search box.

2. Then copy the URL and register it in TouchStudy.

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๊ทธ ๋™์•ˆ ๋งŽ์ด ๊ธฐ๋‹ค๋ฆฌ์…จ์Šต๋‹ˆ๋‹ค. ๊ฐ์‚ฌ๋“œ๋ฆฝ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค.


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