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Now with Apple Watch support! As featured in the AppStore!
2015 PC Magazine Editor's Choice! Awarded Best Stargazing App by Tap Magazine!

Luminos is the award-winning, all-in-one astronomy app that goes beyond simple stargazing. It combines millions of celestial objects into a beautifully-rendered space simulation that will amaze you. Our enthusiastic customers range from hobbyists to professional astronomers, and everyone in between.

Whether you want to admire ancient constellations, watch satellites soaring overhead, find out what that brilliant dot is on the horizon, or recreate eclipses, Luminos has what you need.
Browse the largest deep space image catalog of any mobile app, anywhere, or track 3D meteor showers now or from the past. Travel through time, identify craters on the moon, fly through space, watch the solar system in motion from high above, or see the multitudes of asteroids orbiting perilously close to our planet. Hold Luminos up against the sky and it will effortlessly guide you to find any star or planet.

You can even get live sky charts and satellite alerts on your Apple Watch! Luminos makes it all easy and fun.

Instead of buying many apps to get all of these features, Luminos includes everything in one low price. There are no in-app purchases to nibble away at your wallet and there's no advertising to distract you from views of the heavens.

When you're ready to go even further, Luminos will be ready with you. If you're fortunate enough to have a computer-controllable telescope, then Luminos can command it for you to find objects quickly and easily. Detailed data on every object is easily available within Luminos, even without an Internet connection. Powerful planning tools help you make the most of your evenings by showing you exactly what will be visible tonight or any night in the future.

Get out there and start exploring!

For more videos demonstrating Luminos, check out our YouTube channel at !

What's New

Just in time for the prime meteor season, Luminos now presents 3D meteor showers in the night sky! Identify showers at your current location, catch a meteor streaking past you in space as you orbit with a satellite, or recreate famous historic meteor showers like the great Leonid storm of 1833. Meteor shower details are located under "Earth" in the Luminos browser.

We've also added new ways to share and control the Luminos app. Use the new Share button to create a link which saves your current environment, then share it with friends or Airdrop it to those near you. You can even craft URLs to fully control Luminos, making your own sequences to educate and entertain others.

Pluto has a new look based on recent New Horizons mission images.

We've also made our settings more friendly, updated our internal databases, and fixed many bugs. Drop us a comment or a review if you enjoy our work. Clear skies!

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