Learning Senior Care Quiz

Learning Senior Care Quiz

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This Senior Care quiz cover issues relating to Seniors. The population of Seniors is growing worldwide and people are living longer. It's essential that Nurses, Family members, Care Givers and all in the medical profession learn and become proficient in how to take the best care of this aging population.

This comprehensive quiz contains over 815 questions and covers all major aspects of Senior Care. The curriculum covered in the quiz include: Covers key areas such as palliative care, pain management, nutrition and fluids, mobility, mental health, medical disorders, hearing and vision loss, hygiene and infection control, elimination and continence, and sleep.

- Elimination and Continence Quiz
- Hearing and Vision Loss Quiz
- Hygiene and Infection Control Quiz
- Medical Disorders Quiz - Adults Quiz
- Mental Health Quiz – Seniors Quiz
- Mobility and Falls Quiz
- Nutrition and Fluids Quiz
- Pain Management Quiz
- Palliative Care Quiz
- Person-Centered Care
- Sleep

The questions will help you review and test your knowledge. It's great as practice app that you can use to test what you have learned or also as a refresher that you want to use as you prepare for or just before taking an exam.

The questions will be randomized so that each time you take the quiz (for example 25 questions) you will get a different set of questions. At the end of the quiz, you will be shown the total number you got correct and your percentage score.

• Offers the ideal test format.
• The unique quiz features traditional multiple choice and True / False questions – proven to be a great way to test knowledge.
• It’s an excellent and quick resource that helps you as you prepare for your exam
• No internet access required
• Excellent way to review what you have learned and test your self
• Shows your score at the end of each quiz
• Choose the number of questions you would like to take
• Questions randomized each time
• App is very intuitive an needs minimal input
• Intuitive and beautiful interface
• When you get a question wrong – you are immediately told the correct answer.
• Easy to use and efficient
• Great quick resource for students

Try this Quiz App today and you’ll be glad you did!

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What's New

Better display and functionality: This version includes a new and improved interface. The option buttons are now listed horizontally and flexible (better adjusting to the size of the answer option text).

There is a review/feedback section at the end of the quiz where you can scroll through your quiz attempt, reviewing one question response at a time. This allows you to see your response and the correct answer. This is ideal for learning.

Bug fixes.

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