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L-Lingo Learn Arabic for iPhone

L-Lingo Learn Arabic for iPhone

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You don't have to know anything about the Arabic language to use L-Lingo Arabic to equip yourself to converse in Arabic.

L-Lingo is designed to be easy to use. It exploits multimedia channels - words, recordings of native speech, and pictures - to enable you to grasp Arabic words and phrases useful on the road, when mingling with Arabic speakers, in day-to-day or family life, and when working.

- Thousands of words and sentences -all visualized with images
- Grammar Notes
- Full native speaker pronunciation
- Fun Quizzes
- Clear and easy to understand design of the program

See a pineapple in a supermarket, and the correct Arabic word pops into your head! Thanks to L-Lingo, you have learned the word visually, as well as by listening and reading. Our Arabic lessons make you learn Arabic words and phrases quickly. Before you know it, you can easily utter Arabic words and Arabic sentences!

L-Lingo immerses you in the sights and sounds of the Arabic language, rather than just the written word. The multi-channel Arabic learning approach achieves results much quicker than traditional textbook approaches.

Our Arabic 65 lessons cover the following:
- Introductions & Greetings
- At Home
- At the Airport
- At the Hotel
- Colors
- Food
- At the Office
- Professions
- Numbers
- Clothes
- Telling the Time in Arabic
- Animals
- Meals and Cooking
- Asking Questions in Arabic
- Buying and Selling
- Landscapes and Nature
- Weather
- Sports
- Family and Relationships
- Countries and Continents
- Seasons
- Shopping
- Days, Weeks, Months etc.
- Quantities and Shapes
- Present, Past and Future tenses

What's new

- improved UI


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