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Did you know that learning science can be fun?

Knowledge & Learning Unlimited is a fun and dynamic science application in English that contains activities, music, videos, experiments, mind maps and an endless supply of learning tools that you can use to learn about everything in the primary school third grade curriculum. With KLU you can find interesting information that may drive you to perform fun activities while making your learning experience more diverse and entertaining.
KLU is an innovative and creative piece of educational and multimedia software where kids may find the latest and greatest discoveries and updated content required for their learning experience. KLU was designed by a group of specialists, teachers, educational psychologists, researchers and designers that have incorporated multiple brain-based learning theories so that your knowledge becomes significant, and most of all, dynamic and fun. We invite you to join us and enjoy this fun and novel science digital program.

Globalized Technological Approach

KLU allows children to take the initiative and become self-taught individuals aware about their own learning process; and critical thinkers when faced with new challenges and the large amounts of information that the KLU provides, thus converting all this experiences into knowledge.

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Building Knowledge, Glossary, Summary, Think Tank, Video, Music, Links, Experiments, Fun Time y Save Our Planet.

The development of this program consists of 15 files in English based on the Science curriculum.
Unit 1 Plants: see your knowledge grow
Unit 2 Incredible & Friendly Lives
Unit 3 There is no place like home!
Unit 4 Plants & animals living together
Unit 5 Rocks & Soil
Unit 6 My changing home
Unit 7 Conserving our home
Unit 8 Water &weather
Unit 9 The root of the matter
Unit 10 Total energy
Unit 11 Electricity & magnets
Unit 12 Heat, light & sound
Unit 13 Forces & motion
Unit 14 Simple machines
Unit 15 Solar system

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