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Kids' Flashcards 2

Kids' Flashcards 2

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A variety of classic application, on free now!

Please search 'Hongen' in App Store for more detail.

If you are a parent of child aged 0 - 6 , Kids' Flashcards presented by Hongen can be a good friend for both you and your child.

"Study in practice" is the behavior character of child during 0 - 6. Look:
The little hands enjoy touching-----tap anywhere of the screen, child can heard the sound of reader;
The little arms enjoy weaving-----shake the iPhone, it will 'turn' to next page;
The little mind learns in repeatance-----every tap will bring up the sound of reader. Child can hear as many times as she or he wants.
The little heart has intrests in changing-----every finger swipe will turn the page next or previous.

The hand-actuated and easy-to-carry character of iPhone, make this programme can be played anywhere at anytime. HongEn Kids' Flashcards can let child make fun in studying. Parent can carry this programme on the way or bring to any place that not allow bring toys together. Normal books just can't make this!

Modern citizens live under great pressure, have to make their moves faster and faster. People seldom have enough patience on repeating reading to kids. Then you can let iPhone do your work: let our programme read again and again to your child.

So you can pay attention to your own business, as well as your kid can play with herself/himself with fun.
If you are an anxious parent searching useful way of child's studying, go to App Stroe and download this programme today!

Series 1:
Fruits & Vegetables
Living goods

Series 2:
Know the nature
Know myself
Urban traffic
The world of dinosaurs

Series 3:
Colors & Shapes
Study characters
A garden of numbers
Tang poetry and children’s songs
Study Pinyin
A happy day

How to use:
Touch the upper left corner to go to the menu:
Words are sorted, and fit the rule of cognition of this age group.
example: Series 1 includes ---vegetable & fruit/ food/ animals/ living goods

Touch the upper right conrner to enter CoverFlow mode:
Parent can make a test by help of iPhone: Hold iPhone in parent's hand to make the reader keep silence during the test.Select a card and ask kid what is in the card. This is a good method to know if kid remember what she/he heard.

Touch any place of the picture will make a sound:
Listen to the sound.More taps means more repeatance of sound.
Background music goes on and on to arise child's interest, make child pay attention to the programme in a longer time.

Touch the bottom left corner or flip from left to right to go to the previous page.
Child can review the known picture.

Touch the bottom right corner or flip from right to left to go to the next page:
Keep child's curiosity and learn new content.

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