Junior Astronomer Solar System Adventure

Junior Astronomer Solar System Adventure

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Did you know…

…After being classified as a dwarf planet, Pluto is also known as 134340?
…Seasons on Neptune can last over 40 years?
…Uranus revolves around the Sun laying on its side?
…Saturn’s density is so low that it would float in water?
…Astronomers estimate that Jupiter is shrinking by about 2 cm per year?
…Mars has the Solar System’s tallest mountains and lowest valleys?
…The Moon is NOT made of cheese?
…On Venus, a day takes longer than a year?
…Ganymede, the largest moon of Jupiter, is larger than Mercury?
…About 1,000,000 Earths would fit inside the Sun?

...There is so much to discover!

Join Junior Astronomer on an interactive Solar System adventure. Brilliant graphics and hundreds of narrated facts provide countless hours of learning fun for all ages.


- Hundreds of Solar System facts.
- Fun quiz mode to test your knowledge *** Kids Favorite ***
- Put the planets in motion.
- Text and narration for each fact.
- Record your voice for the planets to become the star of the adventure.
- Track your progress through the Solar System.
- High resolution images for each planet.


- Have asteroid popping fun to help Junior find the hidden dwarf planet Ceres.
- Set the Solar System in motion to uncover Pluto.
- Find the Moon by tapping Earth and then the “Moons” button.
- Tap the microphone button to record your voice for the planets.


- No information is collected.
- No ads.
- No In-App purchases.
- No distractions of any kind.


- Objects, distances, and speeds are not to scale.

Questions or comments: support@accthree.com

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