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iTooch 7th Grade Math | Math exercises on Operations, Geometry, Fraction, Multiplication and Division

iTooch 7th Grade Math | Math exercises on Operations, Geometry, Fraction, Multiplication and Division

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With more than 1,647 exercises, iTooch 7th Grade Math is a new and fun way of practicing and learning Mathematics for 7th Graders.

It is, by far, the largest collection of educational activities based on the US National Common Core Standards on the App Store.

Used by more than 2,000,000 users, iTooch apps are a full learning solution which helps parents, teachers and students to identify and address their learning needs in a fun and motivating way.

‣ iTooch 7th Grade Math is intended for schools and districts: it is eligible for the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for educational institutions. We will offer you special pricing for purchases of 20 apps or more.

‣ You can evaluate iTooch 7th Grade Math before purchase, downloading iTooch Middle School, which provides free access to an extract of the same content.

‣ "This app has been everything I was looking for. Multiple question types including decimal points and word problems. The ability to test the learning. And here's the kicker: it is so much fun, I had to pull my 5th grader off of it after 2 hours!"

‣ "My son is home schooled plus goes to a charter school. This program makes it easy to supplement his schoolwork without buying a lot of books or printing worksheets. I recommend it for all parents who are committed to their children's education."

‣ "I just downloaded your apps. Wow. They are amazing. I have been using the iPad for over a year in my class and I have to say that this is one if the best apps I have seen in a long time."

‣ "A terrific app that covers a lot of ground concept-wise. This app combines a no-frills approach to content while still providing the user with an exciting learning experience. The mascot is adorable and keeps kids on task with lots of encouragement and there is a lesson summary available when needed."

‣ 3 themes: Numbers & Operations, Algebraic structures, Data analysis, Graphs, Geometry
‣ 52 chapters per title with lessons, examples, and figures.
‣ 1,647 questions per title with clues and detailed explanations
‣ 352 original pictures
‣ iTooch 7th Grade Math is by far the most comprehensive educative tool on the App Store for students in 7th grade.

‣ Apple Game Center integration with more than 35 unique achievements to unlock.
‣ An embedded calculator to make complex calculations
‣ A virtual blackboard that enables players to draw drafts and figures
‣ A lesson summary attached to each chapter
‣ In-app feedback to send suggestion to the author of the content straight into the app

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‣ Twitter: @itooch
‣ Website:

What's new

Oops! A bug has sneaked in the current version: “Buy” and “Unlock all chapters” buttons and messages can appear in different places in the App. These buttons are not active and shouldn’t display. You have full access to all the content in the App, and no additional purchases are required. This bug will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Tons of new exercises and lessons to increase your knowledge!

+ Multiple bug fixes


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