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Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers

Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers

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Every Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers App provides a virtually limitless supply of questions to let students DO math.

Intended for classroom use but also suitable for individual work.
Questions can be repeated as often as needed - the numbers are random.
The list of questions is color coded to show the degree of difficulty. The question difficulties range over several grades.
Those students that need to can start with easier perimeter, area and volume formulas questions. Those who finish quickly can move on to more challenging ones.
The teacher and student chose where to work. They can go back or skip forward, at any time, to get Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers App questions that are appropriate.
There are tutorial screens - intended for revision.
Every question has an example screen showing a worked example, but with different numbers. The Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers App selection list is updated to show how many times each question has been correct answered, so both teacher and student can monitor progress.
The Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers App generates the question and marks the answer, leaving the teacher free to work one-to-one with individuals or groups of students.
In this Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers App the questions are carefully graded from easy up to difficult in 28 steps.

▪ The number line
▪ What comes next?
▪ 1, 0, -1, -2, ?
▪ 7, 5, 3, 1, ?
▪ add integers: -a + b, a + -b, -a + -b
▪ subtract integers: a - b, -a - b, a - -b, -a - -b
▪ multiply integers: -a × b, a × -b, -a × -b
▪ divide integers: -a ÷ b, a ÷ -b, -a ÷ -b,
▪ evaluate powers of integers: (-a)², (-a)³, (-a)⁴, (-1)⁸
▪ use BEDMAS to evaluate integer expressions
▪ Word problems

The Educational App Store gave Integers five stars and this review:

This integers app is one of a series of mathematics apps branded “XR Math” available on iTunes.  It sets out to provide practice questions on a wide variety of integer topics, starting with the very basics (example question: “What comes next? 4,3,2,1,?”).   The app is very clearly laid out, meaning that students should easily be able to access the material themselves with minimal teacher input. 
Each subtopic contains a brief explanation and a set of questions which are randomly generated each time, meaning that it stands up to repeated use should a student require further consolidation.  Once the required number of questions are completed, the student can progress on to new subtopics.  The progression throughout the app is well designed such that students are not faced with a huge leap forward at any point, but a gradual increase in complexity of the questions will keep them challenged.
The feedback between questions is particularly good, with students given gentle (and relevant) reminders if they've made a mistake and then the opportunity to try again.  If they get answers right, they get congratulated, sometimes in a new language – this doesn't help towards the learning objectives of the app, but is an interesting feature to help maintain student engagement.
Overall, this app provides a quality set of questions that would really help with practising and assessing how much a learner had understood of the given topic.  Its ease of use and clear layout are real bonuses and I could see it being very useful when used in conjunction with other apps in the same series – giving students a familiar interface with which to consolidate their skills.  It's not the prettiest app, but it delivers integers topic content very well.

The Integers – add subtract multiply divide negative numbers App is a very easy to use and user friendly app that helps both teachers and students in the learning process

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