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"Purely amazing! Out of the roughly 25 apps for fractals that I have bought, this one is the best! By far!" by Rhys L.
"So much fun! I've spent more time than I'd like to admit exploring the world of fractals." by Stochoslogia
You don't get better reviews than that!

HOW TO USE: use it as if it were the Maps app(pinch, pan, double-tap, two-finger-tap).

A user friendly app with exceptional performance and decent UI for you to enjoy the beauty and magic of the Mandelbrot set by touching it.

iFractalTouch is a super fast real-time interactive fractal (Mandelbrot set) explorer for iPhone, and a coordinates manager. 

- Fast: Efficient algorithm and caching mechanism working with assembly optimized code makes iFractalTouch the fastest Mandelbrot set calculator you can find on iOS.

- Smooth: For your touching enjoyment, the GPU accelerated renderer keeps refreshing the view at 60 fps for most of the time even when heavy calculation is happening at the backend.

- Useful: You can explore the magic of math once with iFractalTouch and never use it again, but you can also use it to generate countless stunning images and bookmark them, you can also share your images on social sites.

- 2^45: you can zoom in as far as x2^45 with iFractalTouch, that's 35,184,372,088,832.

- 11 * 5 * 8 = 440: with a given pair of coordinates and zoom-in depth, you can choose from 11 colors, 5 coloring formulas and 8 background texturs. Which are 440 possibilities for a single set of data.

- Wallpapers unique in the world. there is no limit to how many beautiful images you can create with iFractalTouch, find the best one as your wallpaper and you'll have a wallpaper that's probably unique in the world!

- Bookmarks: iFractalTouch comes with dozens of pre-saved bookmarks, download now for free and touch them right away!

NOTE: The computing power it takes for different locations varies a lot, while you get the image instantly for the majority of times, one or two seconds of waiting does happen with an iPhone4. Because the A4 processor doesn't have hardware double precision float arithmetic suport, and software version, even optimized, still takes a lot longer.Also prettier images tend to be slower.

Contact us: @iFractalTouch or

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