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iDiary - Learning English by reading diary every day (Learning - practicing English reading and English writing skill is easier than ever)

iDiary - Learning English by reading diary every day (Learning - practicing English reading and English writing skill is easier than ever)

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This application contains nearly 150 English diaries article, in accordance with English learners at all levels.

Many people speak English fluently, but some can speak and write English well is not many. Diary Writing is to create learning environments, to best use English to think, record and describe experiences in life.

This application will help you begin to get familiar with diary writing, writing season, dates and order of things in a most scientific manner.

Why is keeping a diary in English a good idea?

Here is how keeping a diary in English will help you:

You will get (daily) practice in using English.

If you want to improve at something, you need to practice it. Same thing with English – if you want to get better at English, you have to practice it. Every day is best.

You will get used to expressing yourself in English.

Sometimes people think in their own language, and then translate into English. Writing in a diary in English will help you get used to thinking in English. Eventually you will be able to skip the mental translating. You will feel more comfortable in using English. You will enjoy English more.

You can take your time.

It’s easy to get nervous in a conversation. Maybe you’re worried that the other person may be waiting for you to speak. But a diary is always patient. You don’t have to rush.

You don’t have to worry about pronunciation.

You can focus on vocabulary. You can take your time learning new words and phrases for your diary topic for the day.

You will have a record of how your English has improved over time.

Learning a language takes time and effort. Sometimes it seems like you haven’t made much progress. When you keep a diary, you can look back at earlier pages and see how you used to write English, and how you write now. You can look back and see that you really have gotten better!

You can show what you’ve written to your English teacher, if you want.

Or, you can show it to some other native speaker. This feedback will help you improve. Your teacher can give you suggestions for making your English sound more natural (instead of sounding like “Konglish” or “Japlish,” for example). Maybe your teacher will suggest a better word or phrase to use.

You don’t have to write a lot. Just write as much as you want. But be sure to write every day!

How do you know what to write about?

Write about whatever you want. Here are some suggestions:

Write about what you did that day.
Write about the weather.
Write about your school or work.
Write about your family.
Write about your friends.
Write about what makes you happy or sad.
Write about your dreams for the future.
Write about a favorite sport or hobby.
Write about a favorite pet.
Write about what you think would be a “dream vacation.”

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