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iApproach CA

iApproach CA

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iApproach visualizes approaches on uncontrolled aerodromes in Canada. Those approaches are far from trivial, because of the complexity of guidelines. The procedures are outlined in Transport Canada's Aeronautical Information Manual, (TC-AIM). It is covered in section 4.5 of the RAC (Rules of the air and air traffic services). The relevant publication is TP 14371.

To visualize the approach, all you need to do is dial in the active runway, your heading (towards the runway), specify whether the circuit is left-handed or right-handed, and whether a mandatory frequency is in use. With this information, iApproach will visualize the recommended procedure.

swipe to control the 3D view
two finger pinch to zoom in and zoom out

iApproach is no substitute for proper flight planning. For educational and informational use only.

Tags: pilot, training, aviation, CAR, flight rules, Canada, study, AIM, Transport Canada, runway, flight, aeronautics, procedure


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