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Hutos Joa Sticker Book

Hutos Joa Sticker Book

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Introducing Hutos & Joa: an interactive app for 1-5 year olds to increase their cognitive skills while playing this entertaining Halloween puzzle game with the lovable characters Hutos & Joa, available on the iPad or iPhone.

The award-winning team at Cotton Interactive has designed an interactive app intended to enhance pattern recognition and cognition skills in toddlers that they can either play on their own or with parents.

▶▶▶ App Store Rewind 2011 best-selling popular items selected pay off Hutto has been released into the Buy Used.

▶ Buy Used Joa hutoseu the 3-6 year old children in the house to target app which, in the car, anywhere in the restaurant, including a child alone can be fun to play.


▶▶ hutoseu characteristics of Zoar Buy Used ◀◀
- Buy Used hutoseu Joa sticker puzzle consists of a variety of stages to break whenever you can watch videos related hutoseu.
- Buy Used hutoseu Zoar, as well as a puzzle where you can enjoy free butyimyeo stage can also be used.
- Children's interests and to induce children to fun and cute sound more exciting to play to help.
- Hangul Hangul can be used as well as learning English in addition to learning the English language can be.

▶▶ Joa Guide Buy Used ◀◀
- Buy Used Joa, EG, and will increase the IQ.
- Yeonsangryeok, concentration, memory, coordination and gilreojup labrum is hand.
- Is the development of fine motor hand while moving.
- Thinking and cognitive skills will increase.

▶ Introduction to Stage ◀
- Coloring Play
- Cake
- Pumpkin carriage
- Tube
- Spring
- Summer
- Fall
- Winter


▶▶▶▶▶ pasta Team (Five-Star Team)
- Want to buy, want to buy, Let's beloved apps! Cotton interactive with the philosophy of the team's pasta is always used with children and parents are committed to creating apps that can be enjoyed.

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