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Grade 8 !!!

Grade 8 !!!

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Practice Grade 8 Math worksheets on iPad. Grade 8 !!! by Math Pentagon has the largest collection of worksheets for Grade 8, powered by EasyWorksheet, used in over 15,000 schools worldwide.

Grade 8 Math objectives in this app:

1) Comparing Numbers
2) Subset of Real Numbers
3) Money Word Problems
4) Order of Operations
5) Square and Square Roots
6) Volume and Surface Area
7) Transformations
8) 2D & 3D Views
9) Pythagorean Theorem
10) Probability & Predicting
11) Measures of Central Tendencies
12) Using Matrices
13) Function Tables
14) 2-step Equations and Inequalities
15) Graphing Lines and Finding Slope
16) Work, Trip / Distance, Age Word Problems
17) Domain and Range
18) Exponents
19) Literal Equations
20) Triangles and Geometry
21) Trig Functions and Special Right Triangles
22) Area and Perimeter
23) Angles

Each of the above mentioned objectives covers an exhaustive collection of problems organized chapter-wise for an intensive Math learning process.

A scoring model that involves negative marking for wrong answers and rewards points for right answers. The student gets 10 questions for every exercise. After attempting the question, the student gets an opportunity to review step by step instructions to solve every single question.

Math Pentagon apps empower Math teachers in 1:1 iPad program for differentiated instruction, early intervention, frequent progress monitor, and intensive training provision for students who need remediation.

Immense Benefits For Teachers :

* Differentiated instruction model for teachers to work with groups of students or individual students.
* Immediate remediation for student who need help.
* Error analysis & feedback by following students’ thought process. It is essential that students' scratch-work is visible to teachers so as to know students' understanding of the math concepts.
* An excellent way to boost students' math skills and increase their love of learning.
* Take your students to the next level of learning with this interactive semi-virtual classroom.


For Teachers:

* Administer own individual Student Circle.
* Assign worksheets, view students’ completed assignments & provide feedback.
* View scratch work - helps in error analysis & follow students’ thought processes.
* In-depth student performance reports to understand progress and prepare for further classroom teaching.
* Helps in differentiated learning allowing teacher to work with one group of students while another is completing an assignment or exploring worksheets on iPad.

For Students:

* Write, scribble, solve Math worksheets on the iPad.
* Electronically save practiced work and solutions for later review.
* Track scores and progress.
* Complete assignments. Revisit saved work with teacher's feedback.
* Independent learning, homework and revision.
* An engaging way to learn and grasp math concepts.

For technical support, feedback, suggestions or questions, please contact:

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