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Developed for higher level from our popular app (PK and KG Math) requested by lots of parents, G1 Math continually developed from basic Math skill that kids should know in early up to middle Primary School age. It is a fun and interactive game that introduces your kid to the world of mathematics. We already test this app with many kids and it is sure that they love it. Cute, colorful, and easy to use of its design and concept, it is also not too hard to start in Math for little kids. You will be surprised that kids love to learn Maths naturally. We recommend that this app would bring kids to the world of Math.

This app combines with 15 different games appropriated for primary year (Grade 1-3). Parents can choose which topics they want their child to learn. The simple and intuitive user interface is designed to be kids friendly, which allows children to play without help from an adult. Audio and sound of this app records from kid voices and gives verbal instructions and feedback to the child which makes learning fun.

Good for kids age between 6-10 years old.

Learning more skills:

✔ To count number from 1-15 correctly step-by-step

✔ To learn + and - up to 2 digits, but not more than 28

✔ To learn to count by 2-step

✔ To learn basic of "Multiply"

✔ To learn and recognize "Months"

✔ To learn and recognize "Days"

✔ To learn and recognize "Minutes"

✔ To learn and recognize "Measurements"

✔ To learn and recognize "Time"

✔ To learn and recognize "Shapes"

✔ To learn and understand "Odd" vs "Even"

✔ To learn and understand "Median" vs "Mode"

✔ To learn and understand "More" vs "Less"

✔ To recognize G1 vocabulary naturally

✔ To count number Tens and Ones
✔ To count number up to 100
✔ To Estimate to the nearest ten
✔ To learn about ordering from smallest to biggest (random 1 to 20 )
✔ To learn about True or false in math equation
✔ To learn about which number is before or after
✔ To learn about which number is before and after number that we give to you
✔ To learn about which number is before or after - Plus ( Up to 20 )
✔ To learn about which number is before or after - Minus ( Up to 10 )
✔ To learn about which number is missing ( up to 23)
✔ To learn about choose correct numbers (PLUS 1-20)
✔ To learn about choose correct numbers (minus 1-20)
✔ To learn about choose correct numbers (multiple 1-6)
✔ To learn about Roman Number (1-50)
✔ To learn about adding Roman Number (1-10)
✔ To learn about Subtracting Roman Number (1-10)
✔ To learn about Multiplying Roman Number (1-5)
✔ To learn about Fast Click Number from lower number to highest number (1-20)
✔ To learn about Choose the answer From smallest to Largest (1-20) - PLUS question
✔ To match the correct answer with Number (1-20)

For one price, you get all of these activities in a combo app . This app is now available to you as a variety of applications for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac. 
Buy this app today not only to help us create more kids' education apps, but also supporting your kid's skills. We would love to hear your feedback; your support is most appreciated!

Design & concept by Mintmomeg. We also have Math Game for + - x and ÷ you can choose a lot of option for kid to practice.

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What's new

✔ To learn Guess Number (1-50)


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