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1899 Words in French - French Vocabulary Builder with French99

1899 Words in French - French Vocabulary Builder with French99

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Important: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

1899 Words!!! - 80 Levels - Interactive Games: Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns, Final Exam - Game Center.

Play and Increase your vocabulary!!!

Designed for beginners and advanced students...

IMPORTANT: The gains in knowledge that you will achieve by the use of this application will be in relationship or direct proportion with the amount effort and time that you invest on it.

What does that mean? Practice makes perfection or it takes us to excellence. The more you practice the better for you, that's how you will achieve certainty and how you will overcome been nervous. This app was designed to help you to achieve that by learning one level at a time.

Play and learn the french language:FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED STUDENTS.

This is a true touch application, and you will write words without the use of a virtual keyboard!!!

If you have been learning the french language with other apps, this app is for you, because this app is a game where you can put to the test your current vocabulary and the progress that you had made with other apps and find out how fast you can translate a word from English to French. The app will check your reaction time and you will compete with others around the world. The app will check if you can spelled the word correctly, because is not enough to know how to pronounce the word, it's imperative to know how to write it as well.

This program was designed to help you to learn french while you play.

- Fun and very simple to use.

- Subjects: Verbs, adjectives, and nouns. The most common.

- Most common verbs, nouns, adjectives. Words that you need to know in order to transmit an idea.

- Learn vocabulary while you play.

-More than 80 levels.

-The more you play , the more you learn.

-Track correct and incorrect responses.

-Final Exam, where you can test your knowledge and compete with other students around the world.

-The app will measure your reaction time or the time that it will take you to respond to the question in relationship to the game.

-The app will detect and make a list of all those words that you might have problems with, so you can learn from your mistakes by writing each word in a clever and unique way and you will do this without a keyboard. This will help you to memorize and retain the word.

-Categories: Verbs, Nouns and adjectives.

-Recommended for all ages.

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