ENGLISCH… Kann jeder sprechen! - LITE version - (English learning for German speakers)

ENGLISCH… Kann jeder sprechen! - LITE version - (English learning for German speakers)

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♥ NOTE: the LITE version (FREE) includes only the introduction to the course, and Chapters 1 ("Things you need to know") and 12 ("Hotels and accommodations") ♥
Yes! We believe that for you as a GERMAN speaker, this new video phrase guide will make ENGLISH much simpler to understand and speak than you ever thought! Our goal is modest... to help you become familiar with basic words and common sentences, so that you can already understand what people are saying you and even chat a bit, or at least say the right thing at the right time. That’s something, isn’t it! At PROLOGMEDIA we have 25 years experience researching and producing exclusive products in the field of language learning, and we have tried to make this course as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. The complete program (PRO version) includes 600 essential vocabulary items and useful phrases in ENGLISH. The course consists of 20 chapters (around 2.5 hours in total), each covering a different everyday situation, ranging from getting to know people and making friends to talking on the phone and even to doing business! Whether you are a newcomer to ENGLISH or whether you already have basic skills and want to improve your speech and expand your vocabulary, this course is suitable to you. The course is designed for self-study and involves listening to the language, reading the subtitles and of course repeating what you hear. That’s why every word and every sentence is repeated twice... to give you a chance to read... to absorb... and to speak! And by the way, if it doesn’t work for you the first time, it will work the second time or maybe the third. Practice as often as you want! The most important thing is never to be afraid to speak. Ok, so others will guess it’s not your native language... so what? Language brings people together, and people always appreciate it when you try to speak their language, even if you make mistakes… :-)
The complete course includes: Preface and introduction (included) 1. Things you need to know (included, free) 2. Starting to Speak 3. How Much, How Many? 4. Common Questions 5. Important Words 6. Adjectives 7. Numbers 8. Colors 9. Days of the Week 10. Telling the Time 11. Personal Details 12. Hotels (included, free) 13. Car Rentals 14. Friends and Business 15. A New Language 16. Phone Conversations 17. Restaurants and Food 18. Taxis 19. Public Transportation 20. Shopping Have fun and enjoy learning!
Did you enjoy learning using the LITE version? Go PRO and order the full version - download the other 18 chapters!

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