World Life Forms Sampler - eLifeFormsW - An Introductory Life Form App

World Life Forms Sampler - eLifeFormsW - An Introductory Life Form App

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eLifeFormsW, a World Life Forms Sampler of the World - An Introductory Life Form App is a member of the World Life Forms family of products designed to provide easy to use and powerful tools for accessing, displaying and exploring the world's diverse life forms.

Presenting over 1,600 life forms (counts by class are below), eLifeFormsW presents sample life forms by common name, scientific name and taxonomy.

A geography browser provides drill down by major geographical regions.

Thumbnail images may be toggled on and off for browsing.

The standard presentation views of each life form are the summary, image, narrative and taxonomy views.

Taxon segment menu for Micro (Microbiology), Marine (Echinoderm, Mollusca, Ponifera), Plant (Fern, Gymnosperm, Monocots & Dicots), Insects (Arthropods, Beetles, Butterflies & Moths) and Animals (Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds & Mammals). For ease of access the following segment groupings have been made: Fungi and Monera are grouped in the Micro segment. Sharks are grouped in the Fishes segment. Hymenoptera (ants, wasps, bees), Diptera (flies) and Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets) are grouped in the Other Insects segment. Sorting and grouping by alphabet or taxonomy remain integral. The groupings are merely quick links to life forms of interest.

Taxon Counts

Scientific English Count

Amphibia Salamanders And Frogs 5
Araneae Spiders 3
Aves Birds 259
Cephalopoda Octopus And Squid 4
Coleoptera Beetles 146
Crustacea Crabs And Allies 6
Dicotyledoneae Dicots 301
Filicinae Ferns - True And Allies 15
Gymnospermae Conifers & Allies 46
Hymenoptera Bees & Wasps 6
Lepidoptera Butterflies 222
Lepidoptera Moths 71
Mammalia Mammals 164
Microbiology Micro-organisms 20
Monocotyledoneae Monocot 104
Odonata Dragonflies 6
Orthoptera Grasshoppers 3
Reptilia Reptiles 108
Scorpionida Scorpions 3
Teleostomi Fish - Boney 76

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What's New

- add new species and images
- improve image presentation
- optimize for new iOS 8 and new devices
- fix latin common name toggle for iPad
- maintenance and various other fixes

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