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E-VOLVOX is an application that supports classification, organization and structuring of information.

By joining rings to round plates you can multiply and therefore categorise and re-organise, or reduce cut off to create a different ring.

It can also be re-structured by moving the layer of rings and plates.

〈The main features〉

・You can add letters, photos, videos, handwritten letters and illustrations, etc. to a round shaped plate.

・The plates can be joined together into a ring, and one ring can be treated as one theme or topic.

・Each plate can be structured by associating to another ring or plate.

・The plate can become a 3D display, making it easier to understand the structure.

・You can exagerate the plate, so that a larger image can be displayed. Also, in the case of a ring, you can move to the next or previous plate by 'flicking'. A single sheet display can be made from any plate.

・As you can display the plate in a larger size and move to the next with a 'flick', you can also use this function to make a presentation.

・Using AirDrop, you can send not only plates, rings, boards, but also photos and text boxes.

・By exporting data, you can bring in data from iTunes. You can also load data retrieved from other terminals via iTunes.

This application is developed in collaboration between Professor Hitoshi Nakagawa at The Open University of Japan) and Suzuki Educational Software Co., Ltd.

● For public
Hitoshi Nakagawa (The Open University of Japan, Professor)
Recently, various 'thinking' tools/ have been talked about, especially, mapping and Venn diagrams; simple things that are getting used often in class. However, there are not so many tools available for structural understanding of the upper and lower concepts, as this is hard to originate.
Therefore, under the tablet terminal environment, we have developed and released applications that can be utilized for organization, classification, structuring and explanation of information in the class, from Suzuki Educational Software.

Its name is "E-VOLVOX". VOLVOX is a green single-celled organism which forms free-swimming spherical colonies. It was named because this application resembles its shape and structure.
It is possible to advance by trial and error in various learning situations, and it is also possible to present new forms of information and activities in a not related times series.

More easy to explain in basic terms, but this is not a simple application. However, I believe you will have enough information to be useful to visualize and capture what we are thinking, and send it to the world.
I Hope you will try it! [Please try it!]

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