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Division: Squeebles Times Tables Reversed

Division: Squeebles Times Tables Reversed

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IMPORTANT - This app has now been superseded by Squeebles Division 2, which feature more game modes, more rewards and improved stats for parents and teachers on each child's progress. Just search the App Store for 'Squeebles Division 2'. This version will be removed from sale by February 1st 2014.

Perfect for 5 to 11 year olds, this is the third educational game in the highly acclaimed Squeebles series, featuring 24 completely new Squeebles.

It's aimed at children aged 7 and above, helping them learn their division sets from 2 to 12 (the times tables in reverse!)

The Maths Monster has been up to no good again, capturing the Squeebles, and you have to help their friend Dizzy rescue them by answering division questions in any of 3 different game modes (easy, hard or "mix it up").

The more questions you get right, the more stars you win and the more Squeebles the Maths Monster will release. Get a whole set of division questions correct to release a Squeeble and reach milestones throughout the game to release the rest.

There are 24 completely new Squeebles to rescue in all, each with their own personality and picture.


Praise for other games in the Squeebles series:

"Simple and fun to use. My children actually enjoyed doing their times tables and that's never happened before! Thanks"

"...within a week [my daughter] has learnt her 3's, 4's, 9's & 11's! I'm impressed! My six year old son has also started to play and is beginning to pick up the 5's and 10s. An excellent game."

"I downloaded this for my 10 year old so she could brush up on her times tables in preparation for SATS. She loves it and I practically have to wrestle my phone off her! The little characters are very cute and it's obviously very addictive."

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What's New

Division: Squeebles Times Tables Reversed has had a complete overhaul for version 2.0.

New features include:

a.) 4 game modes:

- "Divisions 1 - 12" which tests you on dividing by the first 12 numbers, essentially the opposite of doing your times tables.

- "Tricky Divisions" which tests you on any division questions you previously got wrong.

- "Mix it Up", where you are asked randomly selected questions in either "Easier" or "Harder" mode.

- "Division Reversed" where you have to fill in the gaps in the division questions (ie: 24 รท what = 3).

b.) Improved rewards system with 42 medals to collect along with 6 themes to unlock and unlimited trophies and stars to win, along with the 24 Squeebles of course (please note: the 24 Squeebles are completely different from the Squeebles featured in Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication).

c.) Squeebles personality cards now include favourite hobbies, foods, and interesting facts about the Squeebles.

d.) Sounds effects and animation have been added.

e.) HD support has been incorporated for the iPhone's retina display.

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