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ChatAble - symbol based app

ChatAble - symbol based app

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ChatAble is an easy to use communication aid application designed for people with communication difficulties who benefit from symbol and photo support. Parents, teachers and therapists can create page sets in minutes with the intuitive set up, using the GoGo! Add feature, or by scanning an existing communication board with the GoGo! Scan. The customisation options are extensive, letting you change the appearance of the cells to suit your needs or preferences. The app is compatible with iOS accessibility settings, letting people with a range of physical, cognitive, and language abilities use the app too. Communicate at home, at school, or with their family and friends.

So, what can you do with ChatAble? Create and use grids (with PCS symbols or using your own images), use photos to make visual scene displays, or create a hybrid page with both grid cells and a scene image!
Pages can be linked together for easy navigation from one page to the next. Speak your message with ChatAble’s high quality text to speech voices, available in a range of English speaking British, American or Australian accents. ChatAble also includes two children’s voices. There’s even the option of adding an emoticon sound alongside your text, so as so display surprise, anger, or laughter! Sharing your message outside of the app is simple.

If you want to type out your message, ChatAble has two inbuilt keyboards on offer, as well as an option to use the Apple keyboard. ChatAble will search vocabulary as you type (looking through all cells you’ve set up, as well as your speech history and words from the database). Phrase & Symbol search can really speed up message writing.

Thanks to the new syncing logic you won’t have to think about backup anymore: create a free account on our cloud and start using ChatAble. It will sync automatically all your contents so, no matter where you’re logging in from, you’ll have all the same pages and settings that you need!

Fun, feature-packed and fully customisable – ChatAble takes AAC to the next level!

No in-app purchase required. One price give access to all features, all voices, all PCS symbols


Educational institutions are eligible for a 50% educational discount through Apple's volume purchase program


• Create scene and hybrid pages and use ChatAble as a scene-based communication
• Use images from your own gallery, take photos or use the safe web search function in your cells, folders and hotspots.
• Scan your paper communication board and automatically create a grid using your iPad camera
• Clever Core vocabulary: 3 different core vocabularies (for Kids, Teen and Adults) to start using ChatAble in just a few seconds.
• Symbol prediction based on the user history, to easily tap on the most used symbols and phrases in ChatAble.
• 18000 PCS Symbols (Classic, Addendum and Thin Line) for you to use.
• Analytics section where you can see your progress (words and messages spoken, average message length, unique words).
• Therapy Box high quality voices: 2 American children voices and 24 adult English language voices in a variety of accents.
• ModelTalker Voice Banking allows you to use your own synthesised voice to communicate.
• Use the TTS, record you own message, use an emote or a iTunes songs in your cell or hotspot.
• Add any media you want to a cell or a hotspots (record a video, use a Youtube video, or open a webpage).
• Fitzgerald colour key coding: turn it on to automatically associate a colour to each cell to easy identify the word type.
• Naturally: our new grammar support. Tap and hold on a cell to see other words in the same family.
• Create a free account on our cloud and keep you contents safe. No need to remember to backup manually!
• Create a Communication book with your favourite pages. Print it or share it through email.
• Use the Visual Timetable to plan your week.
• Play time section with a sensorial game, a sketch book and a music and video player to just relax.

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