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Canada Citizenship Test 2014 - Best Study Guide!!!

Canada Citizenship Test 2014 - Best Study Guide!!!

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Official Party in Power: Conservative Party of Canada (Stephen Harper)
Opposition Party: New Democratic Party (Thomas Mulcair)

Do you want to become a Canadian? If so, you must pass the mandatory Canadian Citizenship test. Based on statistics, up to 30% of applicants fail this challenging test each year. This app is professionally designed to help you effectively study and pass the Citizenship Test. With more than 200 actual questions based on the official study guide "Discover Canada", you will learn about Canada's history and geography, economy, symbols, justice system, governing system, and the rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian right here on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. This app even comes with questions unique to your province or territory to meet your individual needs!

- Over 200 practice questions for each province or territory
- Questions are divided into 5 different topics to enhance your learning experience
- You can pick your own province or territory
- Questions are generated randomly
- Questions are based on the actual Canadian Citizenship test
- You can choose from 3 options (Random Questions, Incorrectly Answered Questions, and Not Attempted Questions)
- You can track how many questions you have done correctly, incorrectly, and not attempted
- Option to review all the Canadian Citizenship test questions if you don't want to take the quiz

- Recommends when you are ready to take the test
- Professional analysis using binomial distribution
- Analyze your chances of passing the actual knowledge test based on your past performance
- Gives you the probability of passing the actual knowledge test and tells you how long before closing you should go take your exam

Test Result
- View your test results
- Find out what questions you've done wrong after taking the test
- Displays the time used for each question, answer chosen and correct answer

Track Past Test Results
- Past test marks will be graphed so you can see your improvement
- Individual tests will be listed with pass or fail and your mark
- Shows your highest, average and lowest mark and time used

- Send questions feedback directly from the app
- Join Facebook page
- Visit our website

Smart Timer
- Track how long it takes for you to take this test
- Intelligent timer will stop when you put the app to sleep or viewing the answer

Track your progress
- Right and wrong counter built into the test

*Disclaimer: This app is for general information only. Nothing in this app is intended to provide legal advice or to be relied on as binding in any dispute, claim, action, demand or proceeding.

What's new

- Alberta Premier Updated
- optimized for iOS 8
- fixed bug with app crashing
- more flurry events added for better tracking and analyzes


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