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Bug Zoo

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Everyone knows what insects are, but something that not everyone knows is that even though insects are very small, there are more of them on our planet than any other type of animal!
There are endless types of insects, and all of them have their own unique story. For example, did you know that the scary looking scarab beetle is actually a popular pet? Did you know that the dung beetle, which lives off of the dung of other animals, is a tireless environmental warrior? And did you know that the termites which we worry will eat holes into our wooden furniture are also architectural geniuses?
With so many people living in cities, sometimes it seems that human and insects have difficulty living together. When we find bugs in our homes, some of us scream in fright and some of us try to shoo the bugs out of our homes as quickly as possible. However, even though we humans' fear and distaste for insects comes from the problems and harm they sometimes cause us, many insects are actually very fascinating creatures, and some of them are even quite cute! What's more, they are an indispensable part of our environment and of the circle of life!
'The World of Insects,' part of Rye's new Science Series, uses simple and fascinating descriptions alongside vivid, interactive 3D images to help you learn about our tiny insect neighhbors. This new series will help your children get excited about the fascinating world of insects, and help teach them to love, respect and protect our tiny little 6-legged friends!

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1.Support for the newest iOS and iphone5.
2.Made for kids(Under age 5).
3.Bug fixed. sharing mode.


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