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Brain Teasers Tests

Brain Teasers Tests

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Brain Teasers is packed with hundreds of professionally designed brain-stretching problems. For the committed puzzle fan it is undiluted fun with a serious edge. For the committed mind-improver it is an endlessly fascinating way to develop and sharpen your mental abilities.
By working through this interactive disc you will begin to think even more clearly, analyse situations more efficiently and learn to recognize patterns in seemingly confusing situations. Interactivity means that you receive a level of feedback that is, quite simply, impossible in a book. Where practical your answers will be compared to the ideal answers. In many instances the ideal answers will be explained in detail so you can see exactly how the problem is solved. Then you can try again with another test.
Your skills develop rapidly because the brain teasers are delivered under test conditions – against the clock with no peep and cheat possible. Only when a test is completed will you be shown your score and the explanation of how the problem should have been solved.
You will be learning some of the most practical and useful lessons in your line and it will seem like fun! It won't take long before you get the hang of answering questions that, at the start seemed utterly impossible. Soon you will get that jolt of recognition when faced with a particular type of conundrum. After a short while your scores will start improving significantly. It is all so encouraging that you will want to do more and more.
For the committed puzzler, this is the sheer pleasure of the process – being able to crack more and more questions. For the rest it is a quick, effective and reliable way to develop the essential skills of problem recognition and solving. Skills that will serve you well in your job, at leisure and at home.


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