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BQLearn 2013

BQLearn 2013

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BQLearn13 is an app for the UPCI Bible Quizzing Program to help individuals memorize scriptures quickly. The scriptures included are for the 2013 quiz season, covering Selected Psalms. Also included are the 90 verses for the Memorize-90 Program developed by the General Youth Division of the UPCI.

To learn a new verse, select a verse within the app to memorize. The entire verse will be initially displayed. Read the verse then click the > button to advance to the next step, which will display the verse with a few letters removed. Read the verse again, and you will notice that you are able to successfully recall/read the verse even though some letters are missing. Your brain is familiar enough with the verse to fill in the missing parts successfully. Each time the > button is clicked, more letters will be removed from the verse until eventually all you will see is a blank screen. At each step, try to quote the verse to yourself. If you need to make sure you are recalling the verse correctly, you may click the Toggle button which will display the entire verse again. By the time you advance to the blank screen you should be able to quote the entire verse from memory.

The row of stars shows the quizzer's progress in learning the verse. At any point a quizzer may click on a star to advance to that step in the verse. Some quizzers may find that all of the steps are not needed for their particular memorization of the verse, so clicking on the stars gives them the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Traditionally, Bible Quizzers have memorized verses by studying a flashcard, flipping it over to hide the verse, then flipping it back over again to make sure the verse was recalled correctly. This technique of showing and hiding the verse in its entirety is now replaced with a new technique of gradually removing parts until verse recall is achieved with no visual clues. This new memorization technique is faster and more effective than traditional flash card study.

Quizzers can also practice verse beginnings, unique words, 2x words, and 3x words with the app. By practicing verse beginnings, a quizzer's verse referencing skills will improve. The quizzer will be shown a verse beginning and will have to think of the reference, or will be shown a reference and will have to think of the verse beginning. For unique word, 2x word, and 3x word practice, the quizzer will be shown a unique word, 2x word, or 3x word and will have to think of the reference(s) for the verse(s) containing that word.

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