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ATVCloud is the ideal software for remote viewing DVR videos on iPhone. It's easy for connection and you just need to input the unique ATVCloud ID and then login.Completely easy and simple!

What's New

1.The logic of offline login has been optimized,offline login is more simlpe. 2.Add the connection method, a few special network connectivity issues has been solved. 
3.Optimize the way to use the IPC binding alarm device,it can bind to a variety of alarm equipment. 
4.When add equipment, strengthen the function of setting equipment nickname. 5.Domestic registered to the mobile phone and email in two ways, and provide users a variety of choices. 
6.Add modify account binding mobile phone and email function. 
7.Increase the remote playback video file download function.
8.Add a device reset function, it can remote the restoration of equipment factory state. 
9.Modify equipment safety protection time settings, achieve set across the day. 10.Modify the way of voice intercom,voice intercom will be more easily.

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