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AP Biology Exam Prep

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Upward Mobility’s AP Biology Exam Prep software for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a tool to help students prepare for this test. The module contains 175 realistic questions ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging and addressing nearly all the topics commonly found on the exam.

Each question is followed by a clear and insightful explanation paired with a Key Takeaway. The key takeaway summarizes the key learning point of the question, ensuring comprehensive understanding of the material. Whether you are taking the test for the first time or striving for a perfect score, this app will be a useful component of your test preparation.

Our focus is not to blanket you with hundreds of questions, but rather to focus on the key concepts in reviewing for the exam. We recognize your time is valuable, so each question is structured to help you master an important area of knowledge for the test. Specifically, for this module, we have structured it as a mini-review through questions/answers.

This module designed specifically for the AP Biology Exam, but would also be beneficial in studying for the, A-Levels, GED, MCAT and ASVAB exams


Dr. Joe Barber Jr. is a freelance writer located in Memphis, TN. Since 2007, he has worked as a freelance writer in the biomedical sciences, medical, and heath fields. He received his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Michigan for his dissertation entitled "The Effects of p53 and p53R2 on Gemcitabine-Mediated Cytotoxicity and Radiosensitization".
Dr. Barber has received numerous awards, including the Rackham Graduate School Merit Fellowship and the American Association for Cancer Research Minority Scholar Award. He has published research in major research publications and has presented research in venues throughout the world.

Included Topics:

Molecules and Cells
Heredity and Evolution
Organisms and Populations

This app is designed specifically for the AP Biology exam, but would also be beneficial in studying for the Advanced Placement (AP), A-Levels, PRAXIS II, GED, CLEP, MCAT and ASVAB exams.

About Upward Mobility

Upward Mobility creates high end professional educational content for management development and test preparation, and makes it available through mobile apps. Our goal is to keep learners engaged with a mix of wit, humor and actionable takeaways while meeting our customer's specific educational needs.

We are a double bottom line company that is committed to education in the developing world. Some of the profits will be used to deploy education via mobile phone in emerging countries to improve their total factor productivity growth.

Upward Mobility is not affiliated with, nor is this app endorsed by, College Board or the ETS.

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