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Alphabet Frogs

Alphabet Frogs

iOS Universal Education

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Alphabet Frogs is a fun way for users to learn about letters.

There are 4 activities:

Learn the Alphabet
This activity has two options, 'ASCENDING' or 'DESCENDING'. In each the user is presented with a sequential set of letters (e.g. Aa, Bb) and they have to touch on the letters in order to progress. Each time a letter is touched the a word is displayed on the screen starting with that letter.

What Comes Next?
This activity teaches the user the order of the alphabet. Each question displays a short sequence of letters and the user must find the next letter of the sequence.

Ordering Letters
This activity has two options, 'ASCENDING' or 'DESCENDING'. In each the user is presented with a group of letters and has to touch either the 'highest' or 'lowest' in the group until all have been touched. This teaches users how to compare letters and letter order.

Alphabet Flipcards
This activity let's the user click through a series of colourful animals representing each letter of the alphabet. The type of animal is displayed along with the Upper and lower case letter of the alphabet.

- Setting to display 2,3,4 or 5 letter sequences in 'What comes next?' activity
- Setting to display 3 or 5 buttons in 'Ordering Letters' activity
- Background sounds and sound effects.

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If you experience any problems with this app or have any questions or comments, please contact us through the App Support link.

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