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Phonics Tutor v4

Phonics Tutor v4

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Based on the Montessori Crosswords and Phonics poems helps kids develop their phonics spelling skills by building words from a set of word-image-audio-phonics combinations using a phonics-enabled movable alphabet. It will be an extremely powerful early learning experience!

Phonics tutor helps kids learn and understand three fundamental concepts:
First,learn the phonics spell and rules. Include short vowels ,consonants,consonant digraphs,long vowels,etc..
Secondly, the app helps pupils understand that words are made up of sounds or phonemes (phonemic awareness). For each word, hear the sound the corresponding letter produces,can touch the letters and hear the associated phonics. You can drag the letters to the empty rectangles to complete the word.
Third ,provide phonics poetry, Help you learn the phonics through English poetry.

-->Thirdly review the phonics by poems and a lot of words. Make a deeper impression of phonics.
Phonics tutor apps have 10 version:
--> Version 1 learn 35 short vowels and consonants.
-->Version 2 learn 7 consonant digraphs.
-->Version 3 learn 6 long vowels.
-->Version 4 learn 7 long vowels.
-->Version 5 learn 6 long vowels.
-->Version 4 learn 7 long vowels.
-->Version 5 learn 6 long vowels.
-->Version 7 learn Phonics Vowels rules . Long Vowels and short Vowels.
-->Version 7 learn other Phonics Vowels rules.
-->Version 8 review phonics with 85 words.
-->Version 9 review phonics with 80 words.
-->Version 10 learn long vowels phonics by poems.

Let's learn phonics and spelling at home!

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