Timeline Editor: Chronica

Timeline Editor: Chronica

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History "Visualization" Tool.
This app is for timelines of history. ( Mac Edition is sold on AppStore.app. )
The user guide is linked from "DEVELOPER WEBSITE" link.
Caesar,Cleopatra,Napoleon,Leonardo da Vinci,Joan of Arc,Frederick the Great, George Washington,Lincoln,Picasso,Mozart,Goethe,Augustus,Socrates,Solomon, this app has these data.
A new chronological table can be made easily.

Main Feature:

* It's possible to input many data by CSV file from iTunes of PC/Mac.

* This application has the datas: The Beatls, Elvis Presley, Pele, etc.

* The chronological table can be saved as a PDF file and retrieved from iTunes.

* You can make,display timelines of history.
The age background that a person grew up can be displayed.

* The scaling of the chronological table is possible. The age of each year
can be displayed.

* The constellation of the person can be indicated.

* This application has many datas about golfers, soccer players,
film actors, classical composer, historical people, world history.

* You can zoom the chronological table by spreading two fingers.

[ The function which increased from the Lite edition: ]
+ It has the registration of the "Period" data and a change function. Own many "Period" data.

+ The order change function

+ An age can be indicated in each age. (When it expands.)

+ The generation of B.C. can be input.

+ A date can be input from the ten key (Number Pad).

+ The display of the individual constellation.

+ This app owns many kinds of the chronological table.

When many data are treated on this app,
Please exit other apps for the memory management.

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The size adjustment of the event content window of the table display screen.

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