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The Novell® ZENworks® Mobile Management user application ensures you have the iOS applications, files and security settings you need, all the time. By connecting to your IT department’s own ZENworks Mobile Management server, it allows your IT department to keep your device optimized for your productivity, including:
- Automated security settings
- iOS restrictions as defined by your IT department
- Access to App Store applications and Enterprise applications from a single location
- Support redemption code assignment for corporate deployment of App Store applications
- Easily share common files with your iOS devices
- Regulate access to corporate resources based on specific network and software conditions

Get the most from your iOS device in the corporate world! This application requires a ZENworks Mobile Management server (check with your IT department for more information).

Once your IT department has a ZENworks Mobile Management server, enroll your device:

1. Download and install the ZENworks Mobile Management user application.
2. Enroll the device by specifying your username, password, ActiveSync domain and ZENworks server address (contact your IT department if you don’t have this information).
3. Security policies defined by your IT administrator will be implemented.
4. Your ActiveSync inbox will be created in the iOS mail client (if the IT administrator has configured mail access)
5. You can access administrator-defined applications and files from the Files and Apps page of the applications.

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What's New

Changes/New Features
1. Added support for Data Usage Monitoring within the app.
2. Added the ability to adhere to the server setting for authenticating into Managed Apps.

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed an issue where enrollment could fail due to a non-United States region setting on the device.

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