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Tile Surveyor Touch

Tile Surveyor Touch

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Tile Surveyor Touch is a CAD like tool for designing tile floors or tile ceilings with or without grout width (inter tile gaps). This application allows the user to design their tile layout in a single layer simplified active drawing space. Here, the user can place any number of property points to define an arbitrary polygon or shape for the space to be tiled and the system builds the layout instantly. Users can move these points and watch the tile layout instantly rebuild to show the impact of their change in number of regular tile and count shape of cut tiles. The user can set any side rectangle for their tile and the size of the desired grout width (or space between tiles). Works great on either the iPhone or iPad.

Note: Help at Videos available on U Tbe

Hints on use:
Can start with the Quick start guide where you put in the parameters of your room and how you want the tile oriented and the system lays to the design for you.

Now includes design optimization to produce layouts with minimum number of cut tiles

Allows the user to freehand design where they move the corners around to set a starter shape.

Other Detailed features:

Tap and hold outside the property (tiled) perimeter to add a property point in between the nearest two points.

Double tap on property points to view details and delete property points. Must maintain at least three to have an area to tile.

You can scroll and zoom as with regular IOS apps. Double tap on any of the tile shapes to bring up the details on that tile. IN this dialog, you can reset the shape / size of the standard (non-cut) tiles and the grout width (or space between tiles).

The statistics are provide along the top edge of the resulting standard (full) and cut tiles needed for the current drawing.

Have fun and be more productive in design, estimating and development ... Christos

Note: This application is new and supersedes our previous tile layout tool.

Note Also: We have provided multiple releases with upgrades and improvements. We have hundreds of users helping them do their tile jobs. Feel free to leave recommendations at our website above. They have led to marvelous upgrades in the past.

What's new

Minor update to move global variables to Shared Variables to fix odd and infrequent app closure reported by users.


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