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SmartScan PDF Pro: fast document scanner with folders

SmartScan PDF Pro: fast document scanner with folders

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SmartScan PDF Pro is a more versatile version of our popular SmartScan Express App, which gives you the ability to scan, copy, multiply, save in different formats all of your paperwork like receipts, invoices, whiteboards, business cards, checks, photos, letters and everything business related.

With added features like color channeling, document sharpening and deeper contrasting, this app will make your scanning experience a breeze.

*Continuous Lighting
Left in the dark? No problem! Our new feature is for easy scanning! Turn it ON and there won't be a problem to make a great scan in darker place. No Flash needed!

This time we added in-app library for easy navigation of all your scans and pictures. Make a scan, push DONE and your file is saved!
Want to delete it? Just swipe it off the screen!

Now you can sort your documents to dedicated folders.

SmartScan Pro is a simple, fastest solution to scan, crop, edit, save, e-mail your paperwork - invoices, bills, checks, receipts, travel expense reports, whiteboards, notices, agreements, orders, court cases, business cards or whatever you might need in your daily routine. Also, you can work with photos, cropping and improving the contrast and brightness. Any kind of visual information might become a scanned document for whatever needs you might have.

Almost every person in todays life will need this kind of solution, as our life becomes more and more digital.

Instant PDF conversion!

No confusing buttons and functions! You will get your document sent in seconds! Instant processing and saving will greatly reduce your time spent copying. We tried to make the design as simple as it might be possible. Did we achieve? Your decision! Try it today, now!

Also, check the reviews from around the world!
"Love this App! It makes scanning a breeze...."
"Fast and Nice..."
"This scanner is so easy to use..."

SmartScan features:
Color to Black&White transition;
Color scanned documents with Red, Green or Blue tint for easier recognition in the library;
Folders - sort your documents and files to folders with the ability to rename them;
SMART automatic edge detection and cropping;
Fastest image processing;
JPEG, PNG or PDF conversion;
Email-to-myself function ;
Instant sending of your file to Dropbox or other Cloud services installed on your iPad;
Instant saving to the album/library.

If you are looking for the OCR text recognizing feature - you can download the SmartScan+OCR App for iPhone.
Also, just released the PhotoScan PDF Pro for iPad for scanning, improving and adding features to your photos.

If you have problems or are not completely satisfied with SmartScan, please don't rush to leave bad feedback. Just contact us through our support page and we will help you solve the problem. We can always help you through our direct Contact Us link, but we cannot respond to comments left as feedback. Thank you.
AMAXim Team

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