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SiConstruct Construction Calculator

SiConstruct Construction Calculator

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Quickly Calculate And Email Your Material Needs For 4 different Project.
- Easy to use interface - Click button to send detailed email/text/copy without leaving App

Quickly calculate how much Concrete, Brick, Tile and Paint, your next project needs, with this easy to use, easy to read, stylish App, then send an email/text to yourself, or a contractor with exactly how much material your project needs including waste.

4 different construction calculators show you quick information on one screen, detailed information emailed for your records.

Highlights of all 4 apps

- Enter using real numbers, feet, inches.
- Easy to use interface.
- Easy to read, actionable numbers.
- Send detailed email/text inside app with every detail you need to make a decision.
- Copy project details to paste in different app

Concrete Pad Calculator
- Supports any concrete pad size.
- Calculates total cubic yards needed with waste.
- Calculates lineal feet of rebar required
- Calculates concrete costs
- Calculates rebar costs.
- Add additional material costs

Brick Wall Calculator
- Supports any wall size.
- Calculates total bricks needed with waste.
- Calculates bags of mortar required.
- Calculates brick costs.
- Calculates mortar costs.
- Supports any brick size.
- Supports multiple bricks deep.

Tile Calculator
- Supports any tile size.
- Calculates tile costs.
- Calculates total tiles or total SQFT needed with waste.
- Click to send email, without leaving App.
- Add tile borders or accent tile to the floor.
- Automatically calculates border length

Paint Calculator
- Ability to change price per gallon.
- Ability to change paint coverage.
- One click add second coat of paint.
- One click to paint ceiling.

Example Email/Text #1 Sent From Inside App
Subject: Fast Concrete Calculator Results

Project Information:
Yards of concrete with waste | 7.52
Total material cost | $1205.16

Cost Breakdown With Waste:
Concrete cost | $737.16
Rebar cost | $468.00
Extra materials | $100.98

Pad Dimensions:
Pad size: 25'10" X 15'5"
Pad depth | 6"
Pad SQFT | 398
Rebar spaced at: L 12" X W 24"

Material List:
Concrete | 7.52 CUYDS
Length rebar lineal feet: 433'
Width rebar lineal feet: 219'
Extra materials: $100.98

Example Email/Text #2 Sent From Inside App
Subject: Brick Calculator Results

Project Information:
Bricks required | 4173
Total material cost | $2382.05
Number of courses | 54.86

Cost Breakdown:
Brick cost | $2044.77
Mortar costs | $337.28

Wall Dimensions:
Wall size: 50'6" X 12'0"
Brick size: 7 7/8" X 3 6/8" X 2 3/8
Wall SQFT | 606
Bricks deep | 1
Mortar joint 1/4

Material List:
Bricks | 4173 bricks
Bags of mortar | 68 bags

Example Email/Text #3 Sent From Inside App
Subject: Fast Tile Calculator Results

Tile Floor Information
Floor size: 10' 0" X 10' 0"
Waste factor: 2%
Border width: 1' 0"
Main tile size: 12" X 12" | $1.99
Border tile size: 6" X 6" | $2.34

SQFT Numbers
Total SQFT: 100
Main tile area: 64
Border tile area: 36

Material List With Waste
Main tile: 65 SQFT | $129.35
Border tile: 36 SQFT| $84.24
Total material cost | $213.59

New Export options
- Send email with project details
- Text project details
- Copy project details to paste in different app

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What's new

- New faster interface
- Quick view feature
- New export options (email, copy, text)
- New custom keyboard for faster input


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