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Riffer Lite - Idea Generation & Brainstorming Tool

Riffer Lite - Idea Generation & Brainstorming Tool

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The Riffer is an amazingly simple, yet incredibly rich tool for artists, designers, students, writers, copywriters, architects - or - in a nutshell - anyone trying to generate an original idea.

So whether you are an advertising executive attempting to dream up a new branding concept, an illustrator looking to design an eye catching book jacket, a screen writer all set to write a new screen play but sick of staring at the empty page, or even a marketing executive who knows how important thinking out of the box is for generating interest, then the riffer is a tool you will need to start using.

We all know that one the most intimidating things a ‘blocked’ creative person can face is the blank page and that sometimes the merest mental stimulation can get the creative juices flowing. Well, the Riffer provides provides this necessary stimulus by harnessing the brains innate abilities to conjur-up third party meaning from the connections made between two or more unrelated objects; and in the process creating totally unique ideas.

All children’s brains are naturally creative and are filled with trillions of synapses allowing for the possibility of countless paths and links. The trouble, though, is that through habitual use of only a limited number of “safe” synaptic pathways over time the super computer (we all own) gradually becomes unoriginal – until our innate genius is shut down and our creativity shudders to a halt.

However, as well as being great ideation software the Riffer is also a mind gym that works on developing the subjective right brain thinking skills, skills such as: synthesis, intuition and creativity so that by using the Riffer you simultaneously develop your ability to generate those breakthrough ideas.

How does the Riffer work?

In jazz, musicians would often ‘riff-off’ each others melodies. That is, base the inspiration for their own melodies on the melodic lines played by other band members, and that in much the same way is how the Riffer works.

Built around an ever growing library of connection-rich images and words, that at the touch of a button are randomly displayed in groups of 2, the Riffer acts as a stimulus to the right-brain causing it to “riff-off” the images, creating associated ideas, links and metaphors, with startling ease.

By using the Riffer generating new and inspired ideas is not a mental effort at all, but a wonderful alchemy, a natural by-product of “Riffing”, as effortless as dreaming.

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