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Do you use your iPhone or iPad to respond to emails and provide feedback on attached documents and images?

Are you frustrated with the little soft keyboard on your iPhone and/or iPad, and constantly switching between your document preview and your email response?

re:mark is designed to alleviate your pain.

Use the touch and audio sensors of your pocket supercomputer to video screen-capture your drawings and voice notes on any document and send as a movie. With re:mark, now you can provide direction and feedback more intuitively from anywhere! Spend less time in front of your desktop or laptop. Sit on the couch. Take more vacations!

Watch a sample movie here:

* Compatible with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, PDF, gif, jpeg, png, mp4, avi, mov and more.
* Load documents from Mail, Safari or other apps such as Dropbox by viewing the document in that app then using the "Open In..." button
* Load photos or videos from your photo library or take them with your camera by using the "Camera" button accessible from the "Documents" screen
* Load documents, photos or videos from your Google Docs or Dropbox accounts
* Customizable pen color and thickness
* Record multiple notes and send as one movie
* Each note is restricted to 15 seconds to keep remarks focused and resulting movie fie size manageable
* Produces elegant, simple, multi-chapter movies
* Play, reorder or delete each note using the preview (remarks) button - which appears in the toolbar when at least one note has been recorded
* Save movie to your Google Docs or Dropbox accounts
* Send movie or link to movie by email or save movie to photo library or other applications by tapping the 'Send" button - which also appears in the toolbar when at least one note has been recorded
* When sending by email, a table of contents summarizing the titles of the notes is included in email body
* Voice-to-text automatically converts voice notes to chapter titles and email text
* Thumbnail images of the annotation are included in emailed message

* Creative directors providing feedback on designs
* Lawyers reviewing legal documents
* Highly-paid consultants who deliver PowerPoint
* Professors and teachers grading student papers
* Location scouts and building inspectors commenting on photos of locations

We are very interested in your suggestions on how to improve and make re:mark more useful for you. Please leave your comments on or Facebook page wall so we can engage with you and understand how you are using the application, so we can tailor it to your needs.

And of course we would love to see any re:mark movies you have created with the app that you would like to share - post them on our Facebook wall!

Note regarding the "Open In" functionality:

iOS is known to show only a limited number (approx 10) of randomly selected apps for any given file type when you invoke the "Open In" action in any app. The actual maximum number of apps depends on a device type and on a version of iOS. Unfortunately, we do not have control over this.

If re:mark is not appearing as an "Open In" option, the only way we've found to resolve this issue is to delete some apps that you don't need that expose themselves for a particular file type, to make way to other eligible apps. You can re-install the apps afterwards.

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What's New

* Enhanced speech-to-text voice recognition for remark title autofill (using Nuance Speech Technology)
* Speech-to-text support for 36 languages
* Speech-to-text language defaults to your device language, but can be changed in the settings menu
* Set speech-to-text to "off" in settings to conserve bandwidth
* Maximum recording per remark is now 5 minutes!
* Bug fixes around image handling
* Reordering remarks fixed
* Silence is no longer noisy

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