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Let your iPad help you Comply & Fly™ in seconds.

Get all your manuals, documents and communications you need to fly quickly and easily– in one place.

Overwhelmed by the emails in your inbox and by the stacks of papers on your desk? Tired of lugging heavy manuals, inserting endless updates or searching for the manuals you need to do your job? Short on time to manage and read all the latest updates?

myMobile365™ is the app that all pilots and flight attendants are buzzing about. It’s an easy-to-use app that helps you Comply and Fly™ quickly and easily from anywhere and on any iPad– 24/7/365. Access everything you need at your fingertips – your GOM, FOMs, Chief Pilot memos, alerts, notifications, etc.

You can stay in-the- know and on-the-go regardless of connectivity.

Easy to Use & Powerful- Comply & Fly™ Made Easy
• Access, read and comply to manuals and documents in the cockpit on your iPad

• More than a viewer - No need to manually delete the old version. myMobile365 automatically links and syncs when in connectivity

• Revision control – automatically distributes and downloads the most current version of your documents

• Stay productive in and out of connectivity – you can download everything you need before you fly; access while out of connectivity and then enjoy automatic syncing when back in connectivity

• Quick access to the info you need to fly

• Electronically confirm documents requiring your compliance

• Fingertip access to manuals you simply need to reference

Perfect For:
• Pilots

• Flight Attendants

• Other departments - including Maintenance, HR, Customer Service, and more

• Perfect EFB solution for your manuals and documents

• Paperless Flying

• Full text search for quick and easy reference

• Tag your Favorites

• Single Sign On – no need to remember multiple user names and passwords

• PIN code access – for an easy login alternative

• Bookmark and outline features let you jump to the section you need in seconds

• Links and syncs automatically to your workflows with Comply365’s enterprise Document and Communication Manager (DCM)

• Connect with Wi-Fi, 3G, or4G

• Alerts & Notifications at-a-glance helps you stay on top of urgent communications or corporate messages

Links & Syncs to Full Enterprise Document & Communication Manager (DCM)

The cool thing about myMobile365 is that it seamlessly connects to back-end workflows, giving you the real time information you need to do your job, manage your team and have line of sight across the enterprise. You can store, send, track and comply to the publications, manuals or communications you need to, saving you time and money and hopefully, making your life a bit easier.

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What's New

In 2.9.0, we improved the storage of active SAML session tokens. 2.9.1 covers an improved migration path for users with valid SAML sessions from an existing install, so that they are not forced to log into the app again after upgrading, and fixes a reported issue in DCM.

- Improves the migration path for users with active SAML sessions from an existing install. This improvement will only be applicable to single user devices. Any multi-user devices will still require a login, for security purposes.

Document & Communication Manager (DCM)
- Fixed the issue that caused an optional publication to continue to show as available after the user had deleted it

2.9.0 Notes
This release adds new features to Flight Ops, numerous performance improvements to DCM, and fixes to Forms and AQP. Optional tasks are now fully supported on multi-dimensional AQP evaluations, and we’ve added native support for the new iPad Pro 10.5” display. There have also been some significant improvements to how data is managed over time, which should reduce storage usage, most notably for those users with Content365 publications.

Document & Communication Manager (DCM)
- DCM performance has been improved, especially for users with large Content365 publications
- PDFs now support printing page ranges
- Added Print support for Content365 sections
- Linked PDF root document configuration should be used to control where linked PDFs are initially opened
- External document outlines should be more reliable
- Search results on the Recents tab are accurate
- Outlines for manuals with outlines configured in certain rare configurations should be significantly faster
- Zip and Exe files can now be shared to other applications via the iOS Share Sheet
- Links from PDF documents should be displayed correctly when tapped in full screen mode
- Web links now support authentication
- Messages about updated open documents display as expected

Flight Ops
- Added support for viewing Supporting Documentation attached to a flight
- The flight detail screen now shows the Flight Acceptance and Fit for Duty status of all crew members

- The first time a user attempts to attach an image to a form will work, after granting permissions.
- Form attachments will no longer repeatedly show in the download manager after each sync
- Canvas overlays work more reliably and no longer require opening a saved form to work
- Form instructions are now displayed correctly, when configured

- Multi-dimensional evaluations now support optional tasks
- Improved evaluation validation
- Resolved issue that could cause crew positions to be unexpectedly reset when setting up an evaluation
- Fixed evaluations not saving the tail number during submission
- Fixed issue that could cause duplicate ratings to be displayed on multi-dimensional evaluations
- Improved the Additional Information box to make it more clear which elements are completed
- Bug fixes and usability improvements

- Added support for iPad Pro 10.5 display
- New troubleshooting option, Reset Database, which works similar to Clear All Data but does not require you to re-download all of your files. After the first sync, any documents on the device will become available again without needing to download them.
- Improved data management to reduce app storage usage

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