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The Comply365 mobile app allows you to access communications and tasks in one place on iPhone and iPad so you stay in-the-know and on-the-go, regardless of connectivity.

Comply365 has been designed to give you quick, easy access to all the information required by your company to perform your job anywhere, anytime and on any device with an Internet connection. Comply365 allows you to carry all your required publications with you, to fill out forms, to take courses, to accomplish tasks your company assigns to you.

Comply365 is perfect for pilots, flight attendants, maintenance, HR, customer service and more.

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What's New

The newest version of Comply365’s mobile application for the iOS platform introduces a new user interface, improved navigation, and new features including Home Screen Cards, Sync Manager, Widgets, and new Alerts functionality.   There are system updates that improve the performance of the application, and new features for Content365 publications that include a new download process.  For full details, please visit the Client Portal to view the 3.0 User Guide.

This mobile user interface upgrade provides a cleaner, more functional and more intuitive experience, allowing users to navigate more efficiently throughout the application. It takes advantage of the latest OS features, and aligns the application with the latest UI and UX design standards.

The Home Screen has been redesigned and simplified.  A new toolbar improves navigation and provides access to important features (User Settings, Home, Sync, and the Viewer).  Settings are now accessed by tapping the “user account” icon on the left side of the tool bar.  

Home Screen Cards bring quicker access to important information upon user log in. Users will see cards for Resources, publications that require compliance action, items they have marked as favorites, and their most used forms.  Tapping an item on a card will open it directly in the viewer so that the user can immediately act on it.

Sync Manager brings a new level of insight into the status of the sync and download process.  To access the Sync Manager, select the sync button on the tool bar.
1. Users see the date and time they last synced.
2. The display includes a list of all modules and the last date and time each module was synced.
3. The download queue displays the number of items in the download queue, the rate of download speed, and percentage of completion indicators.
4. Users can prioritize publication downloads by moving them to the top of the queue.
5. A Pause button allows users to pause the download process.
6. Each publication that is currently being downloaded has a percentage of completion indicator.

The new Alerts system displays alerts as cards at the top of the Home Screen.  Alerts can be marked as read, and users can show/hide alerts that have been read.  Alerts can include links to forms and publications that can be opened in the Viewer directly from the alert.

With this release we are introducing Widgets that can be added to the Notification Center.  There are widgets for alerts, publications pending compliance, frequently used publications and forms, and project tasks.

The new Viewer will display all of your opened publications, forms, flights, etc. in a single, tabbed interface.  This simple-to-use feature will allow you to work more efficiently and help keep you organized.   The Viewer allows you to see your opened items in a thumbnail and list view, so that you can quickly rearrange the items or close them.  

Touch ID can be used for login authentication.  A new theme called “Automatic” will switch automatically between light and dark modes based on the current display brightness; users have the ability to set a threshold for when the theme should change.

The suitcase icon has been replaced by a “download cloud” icon. If a publication is not on the device, but is available for the user to download, the download cloud icon will be visible, and the user can tap it to download the publication. If a publication does not have a download cloud icon, the user will know it is already on the device.

The Content365 publication download process has been improved, reducing the amount of time it takes for large content manuals and revisions to download to the device.

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