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Before you perform an update of this business app please consult your IT department , which will release the new version for your company!

Using the Mobisys MSB App, you can process out mobile SAP applications on an iPhone and iPad, which were previously created with the Mobisys Solution Builder (MSB) and which are available in your SAP system.

The mobile applications have been realized in the SAP system using a graphical screen designer tool (Mobisys Screen Designer) and by means of ABAP programming.

During configuration of the MSB App, you first configure the connection to an SAP system and to the mobile application.

You log on to the SAP system with your user master data, which must be activated for mobile applications.

After this, you can use the application-specific menu to call the sub-menus and process individual transactions. The transactions are not limited to the display of data from the SAP system. Instead, the postings and changes made can be carried out individually for each application and according to the authorizations defined in the SAP system.

Besides the display and input elements, the following functions are also supported:
• Scanning of bar codes with the camera
• Scanning of barcodes using Linea Pro scanners from Infinite Peripherals
• Output of sounds for errors, warnings or information messages
• Camera function and transfer of photos to the SAP system
• GPS function and transfer of geo-coordinates to the SAP system
• Entry of data without permanent connection to an SAP system and subsequent synchronization in offline applications

If the Mobisys MSB App session is briefly discontinued to call another App or function of the iPhone or iPad, then the MSB App can nevertheless be continued without any problems within the duration specified in the SAP Internet Communication Framework. This means that the session remains active; the same applies if the connection is lost in the interim and needs to be re-established.

• The SAP Add-on “Mobisys Solution Builder” (MSB) (3.6 or higher) is installed, configured, and licensed in your SAP system.
• The SAP system is accessible via a wireless LAN or a GSM/UMTS communications connection (for example, via the SAP Web Dispatcher).
• There is at least one mobile MSB application in the SAP system.
• The connection of the iPhone or iPad is licensed and activated in MSB Device Management using the defined device ID.
• The user logging on is activated in the SAP system.

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What's New

New features:
- Opening a screen focuses directly the preselected row (LBX, GRD)
- Support for ITS transactions, scan values into LBX component, assign key events to buttons and use the arrow keys to select rows in an LBX, a GRD, and MLV component
- "Enter" triggers an event if the row is selected (MLV, GRD, LBX).
- Login with "Enter" if the application is stored in the configuration
- New setting "Remember Login user"
- When automatically activating devices with the MSB App, the MSB application can now be used as the check criterion

Solved issues:
- If an input field had the focus, an already pre-assigned value was not highlighted directly
- If a scan produced an error message, it was possible to continue scanning without confirming the error message
- In the input field, a barcode containing non-printable characters was truncated. Now the non-printable characters will be recognized
- The content of a LBL component could change its set size
- The barcode icon was displayed above the input field if there was no more space below the input field. However, it hid the affected input field

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