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Measure Up!

Measure Up!

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(Note: This App is designed to PRINT, DOWNLOAD MASTER KPI LIST (6000+ KPIs), Advanced TOC, ZOOM and OFFLINE viewing functionalities in Portrait and landscape mode).

This Executive educational App is design to help you successfully define and implement organizational KPIs and implement effective performance measurement. This unique program empowers you how to overcome the most common practical struggles people face in trying to meaningfully measure what matters:
•Measure your Strategy
•Measure your Performance
•Measure your People
•Measure your Execution

Is this the APP for YOU?
Measur Up!® app is designed for, and continually attracts, a range of people in various roles:
•Executives & Board members who want to demonstrate strong cross-organizational leadership in results-oriented strategy execution and performance monitoring and improvement

•Managers and Business Owners who want to demonstrate strong leadership in results-oriented strategy execution and performance monitoring and improvement

•Corporate Planners and planning officers who want to ensure KPIs and performance measures are meaningfully aligned to strategic and operational plans

•Business Analysts, reporting and business intelligence officers who want to be sure their analyses and reports and dashboards clearly convey the right performance measures and cause analysis

•Quality and process improvement officers and performance measurement officers throughout the organization, who want to confidently lead their colleagues to decide what is meaningful to measure and use those measures to drive performance improvement and strategy execution

•Project managers and project teams who want to ensure their initiatives and projects have the intended business impact and deliver a return on investment for the organization

•Staff who are tasked with implementing performance measures for their work teams, or who are involved in performance measurement initiatives lead by the organization’s corporate planners, quality managers or performance measurement officers.

The Measure Up! Workshop is ideal for you if you:
•need to generate lots of buy-in from your team for measuring and improving performance

•need to improve performance but aren't sure where to start or exactly what to do

•need to learn about how to create a unique & effective Key Performance Indicators for your business

•are still in quest of finding the missing link between the reality of the business and it’s ambitions and goal

•want a way to clearly communicate goals to your team, your customers, your colleagues

•have KPIs that aren't useful or used, but aren't sure why, or how to change them

•want to know the real steps to implement KPIs that are meaningful and useful and not just about filling in the KPI column in your plans

•want a refresher on the essentials of developing KPIs, to fine-tune your practice

•are still waiting to discover the secrets of making performance measurement work

•need to have a complete & unrestricted access to more than 5000 KPIs for measurement of virtually any type of operations

Our partners and expert in Strategic Management & Organizational Performance have developed this application in response to a demand for a practical yet comprehensive solution for common organizational performance problems.
The cost of this application is subsidized substantially in order to become affordable for users, practioners and students. (compare to $900). This application is tested and optimized to work with all versions of iOS including new features of iOS 4.3.

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