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Lawn Care Pro Invoicing & More

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Specifically designed for landscaping and lawn care professionals, this is a complete invoicing, financial and contact management app designed for service oriented independent businesses. It maintains a client focused schedule of your appointments. Integrated with your client contact info you can quickly create invoices and track your important accounts.

Reasonable One-Time Price
There are no monthly or annual fees to use your app.

Powerful invoicing function is included to create, email and print all types of sales and service invoices. Invoice entry you can visualize the completed invoice as you go. The invoice entry view all of your transactions can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. There is extensive profit & loss analysis.

This comprehensive business app provides complete financial information including inventory control and Profit & Loss Info. All information is maintained on your device and there is no need for connectivity or outside servers as is common with many of the more sophisticated business apps.


Contact Management - Store notes, images and track other communications with your clients and have the in app ability to call, text, email or map without leaving your app.

Labor, Parts & Supplies are maintained in the app with detailed multi-line descriptions, costs, price and units of measure & on hand quantities. These can be added on-the-fly or maintained from your stored items.

Invoices are automatically created from your Estimates and support multiple payment methods. Maintain PAID and OPEN status of your invoices. Multiple sales tax rate setup is included. Your logo, detailed terms and conditions and other messages are automatically displayed.

Estimates - In App Purchase required. Create detailed and professional looking estimates at the client site that may be immediately emailed or printed. Track the status of each Estimate from Draft to Email to Approved.

Signature Capture of approved Estimates with an update of Status. Invoices and Estimates may be copied for editing and reuse with other clients.

Financial Information - Is instantly available for any client, job or timeframe with just a few taps. Information may be viewed on screen or downloaded for further analysis with any spreadsheet.

Help and Support - Context sensitive help shows by topic as well as how to movies. Email, text and phone support provides to help with any questions or issues.

International Currency Dates & Dynamic Type (the ability of the app to change font sizes) are all included.

In-App Purchases

Scheduler - The calendar on steroids. Select client names from your contacts and add the service information to the appointment. Create reminders, complete and invoice the transaction, view contact management info and send confirmations. All right from the appointment. View multiple calendars, set alerts, search history.

Monthly Statements
A complete monthly statement accounts receivable system for businesses that bill for their services monthly. Work orders and payments are posted to the client’s account. Self mailer Statements are emailed or printed monthly.

Auto Service
Repetitive Services entry and automatic weekly, semiweekly or monthly release for maintenance and other service providers. Track Crews & Stops. Start and ending dates and on-hold.

Cloud Sync
Automatically synchronize your information utilizing iCloud technology. For up to five devices this In App will keep your business info inSync and available on all your devices!

Messages & Reminders
Create Appointment Reminders automatically from your schedule using text or email.

Profits and Reports
Profits provides a complete financial system that tracks all sales, purchases and expenses. Includes ALL formatted PDF Reports that can be printed.

Document Manager
Document Design & Delivery- Change document formats, images, fonts, colors, and field names. Use your local language. Batch deliver Printed & Email docs.

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What's New

What’s New in Version 12

Profits and Expenses - InApp previously Profits & Reports

Expenses & Receipts
Management of all of your business expenses and purchases. All business expenses from rent to salaries and all of your material and product
purchases. Payment Method and Expense/Asset type is tracked for all transactions.

Accounts is part of the Profits & Expenses, General Ledger Accounts for your app. Your app comes with a chart of
general ledger accounts

View & Send Documents
New Estimates, Invoices and Cost Reports - Three different client formats at viewing time showing varying levels of detail. Show with or without descriptions. Three new cost reports. Cost overview, labor report and material report. Access Document manger from show view. Also, text message invoices and estimates. Separate Terms & Conditions page for legal verbiage. 15,000 characters with signature blocks.

Doc Images
Multiple images from the camera or photo library can be saved with the project and presented with documents including descriptions. Images may be either printed or saved and the images can be resequenced.

Expandable Cells for Admin and Item Entry
Slide open cells are used to simplify data entry while offering more options Entry is faster
and easy!

Transaction Entry Enhancements:
Show entry with or without header and footer information. Provides for more space to enter and view transactions. Discount by fixed amount or percentage. Specify cost markup by transaction. Sequence items using drag and drop.

Additional Enhancements Highlights:

Service and Product Enhancements - In addition to the ability to add appointment times and calendars to service times.Copy Items - You can copy service, product or supply items to a new item, then make change the Name and other unique info in the copied item.

Sequence Items - The list of services & products may now be viewed in either alphabetical order or a custom order that makes it easier for you to find. An easy to use drag and drop feature is used to sequence.

Text invoices and estimates.
Discount by fixed amount or percentage.
Unique view layouts for the larger 12” iPad devices.
Swipe guides, tutorial movie library.

Scheduler Enhancements:

Service Entry for Labor Items - Multiple services may be selected from your services list for each appointment. No limit to the number of service available or added to individual appointments.

Services added and priced automatically at checkout. No need to reenter and price services that are entered with the appointment.

Ending Time Calculation from selected Services based on minutes entered for each item in services list.

Manual Notes in Schedule Entries. In addition to multiple services you can now enter any amount of descriptive text with your appointments. The notes display in the Scheduler day and week view depending on the size of your device.

Calendar Maintenance in Scheduler - Full ability to add, edit and delete your Calendars within the app. Conflicts between like named local/iCloud Calendars resolved automatically.

Calendars/Colors for Primary Service Appointment. Services can be assigned a Calendar so the calendar and corresponding color is automatically shown in the Scheduler letting you see at a glance what type of service is scheduled.

Overlapping Appointment Display - Multiple appointments with overlapping times are displayed in daily and weekly views.

Repeating Appointments - Full support for Weekly, Monthly & Daily repeating appointments. can specify ending date or never. Completing completing appointments does not alter future appointment.

Simplified & Improved Navigation - Scheduler, reminders and invoice views more easily accessible from new navigation bar buttons. App starts in Calendar view and remember which view you were last using. The Admin view has a new interface to make it easy to access items you use frequently and hide those rarely used, including the In App Purchases.

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