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Kaon Interactive 3D Product App

Kaon Interactive 3D Product App

       iOS Universal

The Kaon 3D Product App, developed by Kaon Interactive, puts all of your products in your hand, allowing you to demonstrate your entire product catalog virtually on the iPad® or iPhone®, without an Internet connection.

The interactive 3D Product Models (which look and behave exactly like the actual product) eliminate the need to ship physical products to trade shows, sales demonstrations, and other venues, drastically reducing product shipping, drayage, and travel expenses.

• Users control their own, personalized experiences based on individual preferences
• Customers are in the “driver’s seat” experiencing products from every angle (zoom, spin, measure)
• Users explore options and features (opening drawers, retrofit components, add-ons)
• The 3D Product Models clearly demonstrate workflow and process

SALES BENEFITS: Sales teams and channel partners have access to entire virtual product catalogs, at a moments notice, creating the ability to simply communicate product advantages, generate more sales opportunities, and accelerate the buying cycle.

MARKETING BENEFITS: Hands-on interactivity, with the virtual products, provides a unique personalized experience unlike any PowerPoint or brochure could provide. To preserve marketing budget and resources, Kaon's 3D Product Models are created ONCE and reused across EVERY sales and marketing platform, including; iPads®, iPhones®, laptops, websites, large Kaon touch-screen appliances, and more. This creates a consistent message everywhere sales, marketing and customers meet.

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