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EventBoard Pro

EventBoard Pro

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Have a conference room? EventBoard will change the way you do meetings. It offers a beautiful way to show upcoming events and coordinate meeting room reservations, and it is built on top of a powerful cloud management platform.

- Cloud-based Management
- Facilities Usage Analytics
- Quick Reserve Events
- Welcome Screens and Title Cards
- Real-Time Updates
- Event Check-in
- Device Power Management & Health Monitoring
- Privacy Controls
- Mesh Networking

Anyone can use EventBoard. There's no need to use an unfamiliar software solution and train your employees to use it as well. Instead, EventBoard integrates with your existing calendars. So whether it's Google Calendar,  Microsoft Exchange, or any of the others - EventBoard will work with the solution that is comfortable for you.

Stop paying for expensive and clunky room scheduling devices or door tablets. With EventBoard, you can manage room scheduling and display upcoming events while using the attractive interface of an iPad; giving your company or event the polished and professional look it deserves.

NOTE: You will need an EventBoard Pro account to use this app.

What's new

This update is massive and includes some incredible features that we cannot wait for you to see. Please visit our blog for additional details about this latest update. Note: some features require iOS 7 & CloudSync to be enabled.

+ Mesh Networking +
Due to the nature of WiFi, devices will fall off the network from time to time. To better assist with this issue we have built in Mesh Networking in EventBoard. This will allow devices with a dropped connection to piggy-back off of other devices with network connection and still stay up-to-date. This feature isn’t a perfect or guaranteed solution, but it does give added failsafes to WiFi and connectivity issues. This feature does require iOS 7 & Cloud Sync.

+ Book Other Rooms via EventBoard +
Often finding an open room for an ad-hoc meeting can be a challenge that requires visiting several room displays to find the perfect available time. To assist in resolving this issue, you can now book other rooms via the Quick Reserve interface! To use this, tap to reserve the room, tap on the room name to see all the rooms and their calendars. This is the first iteration of this feature and it will continue to be refined over the next several releases.

+ Gestures, VoiceOver, and Accessibility +
We are committed to making EventBoard a valuable tool in the office for *everyone*. In effort to align with that mission we have begun making enhancements to EventBoard to ensure it is useable and accessible to all users. We improved VoiceOver in the app and created a new Quick Reserve screen that is useable for our customers with VoiceOver enabled. We added new Gestures to EventBoard, which can be enabled via the online dashboard — swipe up to book, swipe down to end the current event. You can also enable sounds + gestures which will enable even more features - swipe left to hear current status of device, swipe right to hear upcoming meetings. This feature requires iOS 7.

+ Web View in Themes +
Themes now support Web Views in their interface. This allows a website, hosted by you, to be plugged into an area of a theme and gives devices real-time web-based views. Some ideas how to use this powerful new feature: play video or animations in the background, show a website in a locked down kiosk mode, swap out photos on the display without calling us for an updated theme, display real-time graphs, message tickers, and much more. Note: Web View’s have to be added to existing themes, and may require an additional cost for build out.

# Other new features include:
+ Sounds on button taps, as well as sounds on Meeting Start and Meeting End.
+ Turn on the ability to get an indicator if device is not in Guided Access Mode.
+ Device Logging has been added to assist us with support issues. This is *disabled* by default, and should only be enabled if our Success Team requests you to enable it.

+ Improvements to Pin Code screen.
+ Improved error handling.
+ Prevent user interaction if no calendar selected.
+ Updated Local Calendar System.
+ Progress indicator for ending and canceling events.
+ Fixed issue that would cause devices to logout due to power loss.


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