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I created this app because I am tired of having a bunch of apps that do a little bit of what I want here and another app that do a little bit of what I want there.

Buy low sell high, I just want to be notified when the selling price is higher than my buying price, and I want my phone to go beeping like crazy when it happens.

It's like the middle man broker that calls you when it's time to buy and sell, except your phone is going to do that for you now.

I am done waiting for an app that can do this and JUST DO THIS and do this well, so this app was born.

If you want an app that tell you when the buying and or selling price is below or above the price that you want, all set by you, than this is the app for you.

It doesn't have any fancy graph drawings or pie charts, I don't need it, I don't care for it, I just want it to tell me when it's time to buy or sell, constantly monitoring the global collective data.

You have to keep this app open to have the alert working, it wouldn't notify you if the app is closed or not in focus.

This is exactly what I wanted, hope it will serve you well too.

This app have the real time trading data of more than 90 cryptocurrencies !

[PS: Even if you just want to test for one, be it the Lowest Asked or the Highest Bid, you still must set both for the program to function properly].

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