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WeChat Work is a communication and office automation tool developed by Tencent Inc for enterprises . With its same communication experience as WeChat, rich OA applications, and the ability to connect with the WeChat ecosystem, WeChat Work seeks to empower its enterprise users in the Era of Digital Transformation.

WeChat Work has been widely adopted by millions of leading organizations, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Bank of China, China Changan Automobile Group, Sunshine Insurance Group, Yunda Express, the Swire Group, Cofco Tunhe Sugar, Lianjia, Opple Lighting, Yunnan Baiyao, and China Southern Airlines.

1. A familiar communication experience that allows users to collaborate with their co-workers in a simple manner.
[Ease of Use] Provides a user-friendly IM experience consistent with WeChat’s.
[Real-time Message Syncing] Enables real-time message syncing to PCs, mobiles phones, the cloud, and other devices.
[Efficient Communication] Allows users to check message read status to ensure effective communication.
[Corporate Directory] Allows administrators to batch import and manage corporate directory. Finding the co-workers that you plan to work with has never been easier.

2. WeChat Plug-Ins deliver capabilities provided by Enterprise WeChat Accounts.
[Centralized Management] Allows administrators to manage all activities on WeChat Work backstage via only one platform.
[Notifications via WeChat] By scanning their companies’ WeChat Plug-in QR Codes, employees will be able to receive notifications via WeChat from their companies.

3. The newly-added company payment feature allows companies to send red packets to their employees and receive/make payments from/to their employees.
[Company Red Packets] Allows companies to send red packets to their employees as holiday gifts, bonuses, etc.
[Payment to Employees] When dealing with employees’ reimbursement and expense applications, this feature enables companies to make payments to their employees that directly go into the latter’s WeChat Wallet.
[Payment APIs] Enables companies to customize a variety of application scenarios by leveraging the red packet, payment, and payment collection APIs.

4. Plentiful OA Tools to Meet Individual Needs of Enterprises
[Simplified OA Tools]Pre-installed OA Tools provided by WeChat Work including Attendance, Approval, Report, Employee-forum, etc.
[Third-party Tools] Fine Third-party Tools in categories of Mobile OA,Teamwork, CRM, Company Culture Building, etc.
[Open APIs] Plentiful APIs allow enterprises to connect WeChat Work with Self-developed Tools.

5. Integrating Multiple Collaboration Features that Increase Communication Efficiency
[Business Call]Callings to colleagues and customers will be directly billed to the company.
[Video Conference]Stable HD Video Conferencing accessible to phone calls and allows synchronous document presentation and screen sharing.

[Business Mailbox] Send and receive business emails and forward to Group Chats if needed.

6. Powerful Management Features Bring More Efficiency to Administrators
[Corporate Directory Management]Batch import and update corporate directory to make Employee Identity Information complete while accurate.
[Plentiful Configuration]Configure Employee Identity Information and view permission to Corporate Directory, hide departments or members if needed.
[External Contacts]Exchange business cards in WeChat Work with partners just in a click.

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For more information, please look up “WeChat Work” and follow our official account on WeChat.

WeChat Work, Offering Every Enterprise their own WeChat

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What's New

- 在微信中收到了好友申请,可将他加为我的企业微信外部联系人。
- 支持扫描纸质名片添加微信好友。
- 可以设置部门经理、店长等为负责人,查看和管理下属添加的客户。
- 新增群发助手,可以给客户发送服务相关或节日祝福等信息。
- 管理员可统一创建企业标签,由成员给客户设置标签。成员也可创建个人标签。
- 管理员和负责人可新建服务消息,并选择需要发送的客户。由成员发送给客户并进行后续的服务。
- 支持绑定多个微信支付商户号,一个商户号也可绑定多个企业微信的企业。企业微信和商户号主体不一致时也可申请绑定。
- 在企业微信的管理后台,可通过提交截图资料,注册微信支付商户号、开通支付权限。
- 管理员可在手机端设置按班次上下班、自由上下班规则。
- 在管理后台设置打卡规则时,支持批量导入和导出打卡位置和Wi-Fi。
- 支持设置指定某个层级的上级为审批人。
- 可以在假期管理中限制一天最长请假时长。
- 提交审批申请时,处于多个部门的员工可以选择所在部门,更精准地匹配条件审批流程。

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