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The Emperor’s New Clothes.

The Emperor’s New Clothes.

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Much-loved Children's classic is professionally created as an interactive storybook. It features lively narration, music and sound effects on every page. To encourage children's imagination, it allows children to explore imaginary world such as pulling a tail of scary tiger and listening huge fart of a girl. And each story presents a great moral value to children.

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★ Features ★
- Read to Me: Listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read.
- Read it Myself: Read the book in its traditional form.
- Auto Play: Automatically reading and turning pages.
- Setting: Listen to the narrated story in japanese and korean. It will be good chance to study foreign languages.

Producer: Woongjin Thinkcube
Developer: motionblue
Twitter: @WJ_thinkcube

What's new

-revised publisher's logo
-revised background music (main page)


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